They Appear as ONE PLANET Now.

The conjunction is full now. December 21, 2020; 12/21/2020

O, 1, 2 but the whole date adds up to 10. The Fifth Force is very active here. 5 + 5 = 10

For the duration of the day and maybe tomorrow, Yellow Seed, Blue Eagle, Yellow Warrior, Blue Night are ONE and exchanging attributes. Let’s look at that pot of vibes. I highlighted the ones that seem to crossover.

Yellow Seed/Blue Eagle; JUPITER; Targeting, Awareness, Flowering, Active Dynamic, spiritual creator, potentiality, leader, performer, influence supported by creative mind, vision, independent, committed, artistic, compassionate, exacting, receiver, visionary, believes in self, dreamer, technically inclined, scientific, and hopeful.

Yellow Warrior/Blue Night; SATURN: Question, Fearlessness, Intelligence, trustworthy, realistic, wise, mystical, graceful, receptive transmitter, divine communicator, deep, status conscious, high standards, pragmatic supported by dreaming, intuition, abundance, mysterious, logical, powerful, conservative, thoughtful, organized, introspective, strength to endure, possibility

We are now sitting in Red 7 Resonant Earth mediated by Uranus which rules Aquarius until Dusk so we are ABSORBING AND ACCENTUATING ALL OF THE VIBES ABOVE throughout the local system. I hope you’ve been meditating.

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