MONDAY Reading; It’s a Big Day for Humans and the Cosmos. A Day of HEALING as Jupiter and Saturn Relinquish our Dreamspell BACK to US!

7Isoleucine; Resonant Healing for Humans

I channel in order to Know.

Inspiring Healing I seal the Store of Accomplishment with the Resonant tone of Attunement.

I am guided by the power of SELF-GENERATION.

The Dreamspell, Kin #7

I can hardly sit still. The DAY belongs to the BLUE RESONANT 7 HAND people and synchronistically, the focus on the NUMBER 7 comes from the SATURUNIAN folks. When Tiamat blew, the power of 13 was taken over by the number 7 to save our butts.

Yes, it disturbed our Dreamspell but WE disturbed our Dreamspell by making a very bad time calculation and needed help. Jupiter and Saturn stepped in while we made an escape for it. Eventually we landed on Earth. It is a VERY long saga and it is all in the Dreamspell book.

Blue Hand tribe is about accomplishment, knowing, and healing. They are generous, peaceful, opener of gateways, comprehender, grasper, cooperative artistic, manifester, healer, competent, inspiring and skillful.

Do you know any Blue Hand Kin? My Mom is Blue 3 Hand. So is Trump. They are force to be reckoned with and frankly, never back down when it comes to accomplishing a task they believe in.

The analog support is Yellow 7 Resonant Humans. Humans that get going and get something accomplished. They are influential, HAVE FREE WILL, ARE FREEDOM FIGHTERS and have plenty of wisdom. Humans are the holder of the chalice, the Holy Grail and they support Blue Hand Kin.

We are guided right now until NOON by Blue 7 Resonant Storm. There is much going on on our SUN and SUN is the ANALOG of BLUE STORM. They are mediated by Pluto. Blue Storm has been catalyzing this conjunction all morning with THE SUN. THE SUN is very much in charge right now of all of these local planetary realignments. Remember the Sun is THE STOP CODON in our DNA. It ends to sequence and sends it into the nucleus of the cell. BLUE STORM is THE ACTIVATOR OF ASCENSION!!! This is highly synchronistic today. I just saw the 11:11 signal on my clock as I was typing. lol

The antipode challenge is Red 7 Resonant Earth. We will soon be under the influence of URANUS which is ruled by none other than AQUARIUS!!!! Highly appropriate since we are moving into the Age of Aquarius over the next 4 years. There will be much shake-up of the old ways breaking down and everything that is good for humanity coming forward. Red Earth is helping us navigate this new energy without Jupiter and Saturn controlling us.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 7 Resonant Wizard. The subconscious energy here is enchanting, receptive, and timeless. We ARE psychic, intelligent, aligned with divine will, a magician, sensitive, a torch bearer, heart knowing, a shaman, and concerned with Spirituality. ARE YOU WOKE YET! The woke ones will stay on the planet to keep the clean-up and uplifting going.

The help from the Galactic Fifth Force today is none other than the Red 7 Resonant Skywalkers saying to GET MOVING. We are all time-space travelers here to have an adventure. What do you feel passionate about? What work can you do that has high personal integrity that suits you? Why are you on the planet? What can you genuinely feel positive about when you sit alone and are not afraid of MISSING OUT looking at what everyone else is focused on?

The Sun moves into Capricorn tonight at 10PM. The conjunction if at 0 degrees in 30 minutes and it is the first day of the Winter Season ALL DAY. I hope you can feel and USE these big energies. We are not alone. The Universe loves us and is with us always.


Lisa T., Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

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