KRSFIEDLLFNKV-The Covid19 Virus general sequence

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The letters in the title are the single letters that represent the dominant amino acids in the SARS- CV2 virus.We know from Dr. Chavez that the CV2 signature is artificial but the NIH scientists are looking at the natural zoonotic one. I don’t think they are the same. NIH may be lying.

This might be false information again to throw everyone off the track. Remember, they’ve been working on the artificial signature since 2009 and the real questions will be, once the artificial signature is analyzed in light of the Tzolkin how will the vaccine mRNA sequence they have manufactured interact with it? (In 2022 we know that is was deadly which Dr. Chavez predicted)

Since it’s mRNA it can keep mutating. They address that in the link above but not to my satisfaction. This is messenger RNA which is part of the initiation of the RNA sequence.

Q: What determines the mRNA codon?

A: The discussion between the ribosome and the amino acid through the tRNA or transfer RNA which is the Tzolkin Themeplex. They have no clue. My book isn’t out yet.

The tRNA looks like the Tzolkin themeplex and I go into it extensively in my book.

This is 4Leucine∞4Asparigine, 4Valine, 4Tyrosine, 10Glutamine as a tRNA molecule in my opinion. The 3 dimensional image above of the double helix corresponds exactly to the binary triplet configuration I have figured out and have made a huge complex document I’m currently getting into my book that will explain how the G.A.P. kin of the Tzolkin form the ladders that likely are the ribosomes and the double helix may be the sugar backbone. I’m not sure yet. But it all pulses exactly off of the mother’s DNA in the double helix as the Hidden Wisdom or subconscious mind everyday.

It boils down to this. Note that there are 13 Amino Acids in the Sequence the NIH gives us. If only the scientists understood the application of the 13 Tones of Creation it would revolutionize genetics.

I’m breaking down the sequence from the TITLE above

  • White Wizard is K or Lysine – 1st appearance
  • Blue Eagle is R or Arginine
  • Red Serpent is S or Serine
  • Red Earth is F or Phenylalanine
  • Blue Hand is I or Isoleucine These two
  • Yellow Human is E or Glutamic Acid are analog
  • White Dog is D or Aspartic Acid
  • Yellow Star is L or Leucine
  • Yellow Star is L or Leucine
  • Red Earth is F or Phenylalanine
  • Blue Monkey is N or Asparagine
  • White Wizard is L or Lysine—Last appearance
  • Yellow Seed is V or Valine

It turns out this sequence is found in all zoonotic origin coronaviruses and it is very bare bones, no start or stop codons nor the rest of the 20 amino acids.

Zoonotic means we evolved from animals and ARE animals. This is no big news. The big news that they are not specking out is the artificial sequence which I already have. What is the agenda behind the creation of the artificial signature?

Note that the sequence begins with the White Wizard and Ends at #12 with the White Wizard and then is SEEDED into the ground via Valine or the Yellow Seed Tribe.

I may add more to this or I may not. The link above is very long and involved but I’m not sure I trust it.

Lisa T.

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