Top 9 Benefits of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)-Red Dragon

This is very telling as far as what I posted yesterday about the progeny of Red Dragon. These changes are going to affect our DNA specifically. Look at the link below.

My intuition sense over this week, before I saw the massive storm reversal on Neptune, was that Red Dragon or the amino acid Cysteine is on the move in our evolution, in our DNA as a collective.

This healthline article notes that cysteine’s job in the body can be taken up by Serine (Red Serpent) and Methionine (Red Moon). For the last week the RED TRIBES and their mutation has been looming large in my intuition so I was on to something.

The role of Red Dragon in the Tzolkin harmonic has just reversed. Red Dragon is Tribe #1. Neptune could just be making an adjustment rather than a full tilt TIME REVERSAL which would be changing our timeline. I’m not sure.

One thing is sure is we will feel all of these adjustments in our body, that is if you’re not going through end times madness from making the media headlines God which I’m seeing on Twitter. No big surprise there.

Pay attention to your BODY and INTUITION right now, keep drinking plenty of water and taking care of yourself. I’ll see you on here in the morning.

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