Thursday Reading; Blue 3 Electric Night is Alanine Evolving Electromagnetically

I activate in order to Dream. Bonding Intuition I seal the input of Abundance with the Electric tone of Service. I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.

Remember the Mayan symbols are simply archeological archetypes for evolving amino acid proteins in the ongoing experiment of an evolving human being on Earth. We now have modern scientific names for the archetypes.

Saturn MOVES DIRECT into Aquarius today where it stays until March 2023. Your Aquarius friends and family are going to be more disciplined and watch for all the NEW ideas about how to equitably organize our new society to come shooting out their ears.

Blue Night-Yellow Warrior is mediated by Saturn so this is a big synchronicity.

The attributes of Blue 3 Night are Bonding, service, and activation of dreaming, intuition and abundance. It is mysterious, logical, powerful, conservative, strength to endure and introspective. It is ALANINE.

The analog support is Yellow 3 Electric Warrior; questioning, fearlessness and intelligence. It is HISTIDINE

We are guided in that by Blue 3 Electric Hand which Trump’s birth themeplex. This is the Guide Power for another hour. This is ISOLEUCINE.

The antipode challenge is Red 3 Electric Skywalker. That says lightning to me because Skywalker is sky bound. Skywalker wants people to move and wakeup sometimes before they’re ready so that can be a problem. Best to keep your mouth shut if you’re a Skywalker today. This is GLUTAMINE.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 11 Spectral Mirror and that would be a reason to stay quiet with any confrontation. This is NEPTUNE mediating but with a SPECTRAL tone 11 that dissolves and brings chaos. It’s analog is Red Dragon which I just posted about. Humans reflecting on themselves in the mirror is going to bring chaos because they are not centered in their body. Be careful today. This is TYROSINE

The Galactic Fifth Force Group is activating Red 11 Spectral Earth today to break up any synchronicity and navigation that needs to be about for evolution. We’re going to have to put a new puzzle together as far as our bodies and our society. The B.S. is finally dissolving. This is PHENYLALANINE.

The amino acids evolving in this themeplex are Alanine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Glutamine and Tyrosine.

The Location of the Blue Night Time Portal is

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