Wednesday Daily Reading; Power and Control on the Planet is Morphing; White 2 Polarizing but Stabilizing Wind

“I polarize in order to communicate

Stabilizing breath, I seal the input of spirit with the lunar tone of challenge.

I am guided by the power of timelessness.”

The Dreamspell kin#2
2 Glycine

2~12 pulse.

I’m picking up all kinds of static in the ether today. The essence of the quote above explains why. Communication is rife, and mediums such as myself can feel, see, and hear all of it if we want to spend all day listening. I have my own work to do, but when I’m sitting on the couch eating breakfast, it’s like the radio is on, so I’m listening.

The analog support is Red 2 Polar Earth, so that adds to the energy at the crown chakra being sky bound. We’re supported by important evolutionary forces, synchronicity, and navigation. Big power players are having to NAVIGATE the new waters in our local system with the Stellar Species and the GGLN because the contracts and timelines have changed. The Tiamat/Maldek issue is over. We’re getting on with it.

The Guide Power this morning which I felt so strongly was White 2 Polar Wizard, the Goddess Ixchel.

The Red Tribes; Red Dragon, Red Serpent (The Raptors), Red Moon, Red Skywalker (a mediator) and Red Earth are affecting the new timeline. THERE IS NO CONTROL OVER THE NEW TIMELINE COMMENCING. The Tzolkin Harmonic keeps everything on track and the the BIG UPLEVEL is this coming Monday with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (TIME THIEVES, Time controllers, Time manipulators during Tiamat; take your pick) Again, we wouldn’t be here without their control but we no longer need them.

Keep in mind, the Raptors, progeny of the Red Dragon tribe are in charge of the planet underground, and they actually get along with the Reptilians because they are so closely related. But the Reptilians have gotten out of hand and run the Deep State/Biden/Harris/the Masons/The Illuminati. That’s all Reptilian crap and in many people’s opinion, including Trump, needs to be routed from the planet the same way the Draco (Red Dragon tribe) have.

This is difficult because they are our ancient ancestors, and we wouldn’t be here without them. They believe this planet and all life on it belongs to them. Thus, we have the power sharing problem.

The stellar personalities holding the line and the boundaries for humans are the very large Blue Spheres and the Pleiadeans who are aligned with J.C. They are not controlling star seeds and lightworkers but they are there. We are in charge of how things proceed now and I’m aware of it daily and downloading and meditating as much as I can. In addition, my body is getting perfected.

The election debacle is all part of this and directly points to a desire to keep the status quo with Reptilian/Raptor control. Trump came into office to clean the reptiles from the swamp and has a mountain in intel that he’s not sharing with the public but the Space Force and Lightworkers know the details.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 12 Crystal Storm. We have to self-generate cooperatively.

The Galactic Fifth Force Group is helping with White 12 Crystal Mirror. We need to accept that the Stellar Species are us and we are them. We are one family.

I think it’s time for the Reptilians and their progeny to leave the planet. The orange guy at the bottom is a Zeta Reticulan. I don’t have the details on them but my recall is they are not friendly to humans.

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