Tuesday Reading; Red 1 Magnetic Dragon, New Galactic Spin, Chiron Turns Direct and Jupiter and Saturn are on the Move

Theme is Red 1 Magnetic Dragon. Note the kin number. Today we start from the top with kin one. Yesterday was kin 260. They are inverse harmonics to one another and joined at the hip. Indeed, they are both in today’s themeplex. The Harmonic does that all the way through the Spin which creates the radial polarity and the spiral of the DNA double helix.

The amino acids evolving today are Cysteine; Tyrosine, Cysteine, Asparagine, and the Stop Codon.

The New Paradigm energies are coming in quickly this week with just one week until the Winter Solstice. It is in perfect synchronicity with the multidimensional Tzolkin Harmonic which controls our Matrix in that TODAY, we also begin a new Fifth Dimensional level of truth with the tribe that seeded us, the Red Dragon Tribe. Today is the birth themeplex of the great Martin Luther King Jr. as well.

Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer goes direct today after being retrograde for many months. That means that it is a prime opportunity to tell your truth and clear your karma if you have not been taking care of your business. I don’t advise you get stuck with negative karma with the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction coming up. You’ve got a week to straighten it up with the Universe if you’ve been unfairly victimized yourself, have held resentment for it, have not forgiven or cut yourself from the energy and have instead become very cynical and turned around and victimized someone else yourself. We call that offloading and you just doubled the hurt that was originally visited on you. If you like riding the Dragon you can wait it out, make no reconciliation in your soul, face your karma and see what happens by the end of the month and into 2021. Good luck with that.

The analog support today is White 1 Magnetic Mirror and essentially, I just summed up the reflective energy in the above paragraph. Better take stock today.

The Guide Power which we are under right now is itself; blood memory, your childhood, birth family, primordial mother. We are all adults now. If you have left over hurt feelings from childhood let it go. Past time to put on your adult pants and get busy living your own life.

The antipode challenge this afternoon is Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey or magnetic Play, illusion, magic, nothing very serious at all. We live in much illusion. Do your best to run good memories and gratitude, get creative, clean it up.

The Hidden Wisdom for the subconscious mind today is YESTERDAY’s thememplex; Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. The Sun is going to continue to shine, to change our seasons, to change our Earth, to change our DNA and to rule the roost. The Sun is cosmically in control; heed it’s cycles. Consciousness, enlightenment, universal fire, limitless and dreamy

The Galactic Fifth Force Helpers are using Blue 13 Cosmic Storm to enliven the situation. That is absolutely obvious looking at current events. Self-Generation hinges on Truth or lies, blame or responsibility, accountability- justice or escape, cynicism or bias. love or hate and the arbiter of that in the soul is The Holy Spirit or God. It’s never to late to get your soul right with God. Start talking to your spirit helpers.

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