Sunday; Blue 12 Crystal Storm

It could very well be snow crystals at some point today, all cooperatively falling to the ground in their diversity by the millions and turning the ground white. I believe they are guided by magic.

I dedicate in order to catalyze.

Universalizing energy

I seal the matrix of Self-Generation

with the Crystal tone of Cooperation

I am guided by the power of Magic

Blue Storm is leading right into the epic end to this Galactic Spin tomorrow, Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. It is a NEW MOON in Sagittarius and a Solar Eclipse. All of that ONE WEEK before the Winter Solstice and the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is Sag’s ruler by the way.

The tribes mediated by Jupiter are Yellow Seed∞Blue Eagle. Saturn mediates Yellow Warrior∞Blue Night so these four tribes will be shaken to their core. These are “institution” tribes with many kin in government, church and state and academia OR in deep resistance to the rules because they have not dealt with the subconscious emotions with their parents. That is then offloaded into politics and the system. Their minds are probably going through the grinder. I don’t know what their destiny is now that their tractor beam is letting go of earth. They may leave the earth or want to.

A follower on Twitter who knows I’m independent and single and have little to no family support acted like she felt sorry for me and said, “I can see you’re clued in even with no family support.” My thought was, “I am VERY clued in BECAUSE I have no family support. It means I’m an adult and have critical thinking skills.” It’s so odd that people measure personal value by how bonded you are to your family as though your personal worth is less because your family is weak or dysfunctional? That’s the old way and has to be released. The Universe backs us up based on who we are as individuals not by who our family is but I suppose most people don’t think they need Universal help or that it really exists as long as their birth family surrounds them. That’s like believing you can see the entire local universe by standing on an earth mountain top. I don’t think so!

The meaning and energy behind the upcoming conjunction is up for debate. Most astrologers interpret it as beginning a destructive cycle of our false and evil institutions which is only part of the story. The other part is the multidimensional story from the Tzolkin which is very positive and contains empowerment, not destruction.

Jupiter and Saturn are the Time Thieves around earth in the wake of the Tiamat-Maldek explosion. Actually, if Jupiter and Saturn hadn’t co-opted our Dreamspell we would have lost everything during that. I believe they were helping stabilize our Dreamspell and keeping us in the Universal Circuits from the periphery. I suppose you could look at it as taking advantage of humans somehow but we didn’t have much of a choice given the mistakes made by the Dragon, Serpent, and White Wizard tribes on Tiamat.

I believe this is a BIG UNLOCKING of their hold on the earth and they have to come this close together to shake us off. We are on our OWN now with our Dreamspell. I’ve heard this from Corey Goode that many stellar species have said to him that we have to make our run for it now on our own and will not get as much assistance from our universal ancestors. Our destiny is in our hands. We have to take the training wheels off and trust ourselves and our connection to all that is.

To that end, today we have Crystal tone 12, universalizing, cooperating, dedicating and keeping the perennial river of truth. Those who drink from it are our friends. This is crystal Tryptophan.

12 Tryptophan

Theme is Blue 12 Crystal Storm

It’s analog is Yellow 12 Crystal Sun which is dedicated Christ Consciousness, uncompromising and devoted and a crystal Stop Codon.

The Guide Power is Blue 12 Crystal Monkey or crystal asparagine, light hearted, play, illusion, magic.

The antipode challenge is Red 12 Crystal Moon or crystal methionine, the start codon. Once again we have both the start and stop codon in the themeplex.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 2 Polar Wind, communicating polarizing, stabilizing Spirit

The Galactic Fifth Force Group is Red 2 Dragon so the Dragon Tribe at 5th density level is helping us finish this out instead of taking advantage of the situation.

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