Saturday Reading; White 11 Spectral Mirror: Tyrosine

“I dissolve in order to reflect.

Releasing order, I seal the matrix of endlessness with the spectral tone of liberation.

I am guided by my own power doubled.”

The Dreamspell; 65; 18:11:258

White 11 Spectral Mirror is one of the more mysterious themeplexes and is in full synchronicity with astrological lineups in our local system today. Neptune is the mediating planet and it is dreamy and distant. It brings wishful thinking as opposed to grounded intentions so, maybe try to balance the two. Dreaming is important but then it needs to be grounded in the Matrix if that is indeed what you want. Be careful what you wish for!

Be mindful that the New Moon occurs in two days, on Monday to end out THE OLD AGE OF PISCES AND the 260-day Galactic Spin. We then enter the Age of Aquarius finally with the Grand Event on the Winter Solstice with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. I just got goosebumps typing it. Be sure to read the Pars Kutay post again dated 11-28-20 which you can find on my Blog Posts tab as well as eight years of other posts!

Neptune rules Pisces. Wherever Neptune falls in your birth chart you will be a bit scattered in that area. For instance, my Venus is in Pisces in the house of Sagittarius so writing and being creative in my career comes naturally to me but one on one love relationships do not. I love everyone (Agape, not personal) and it drives my mates/lovers nuts. I don’t like to focus on one person. My mind is cosmic and universal so… It’s extremely easy for me to be a medium and I tune into synchronicities in the ether daily.

The attributes of White Mirror are meditation, order, reflection, and endlessness. There is irony in the order of this tribe along with the Spectral Tone that DISSOLVES and can bring chaos. That’s because all of the White Tribes are on the planet to REFINE the situation; White Wind, White World Bridger, White Dog, White Wizard and White Mirror. All of them are very spiritual and ethereal.

  • Wind is ruled by Uranus
  • World Bridger is ruled by Mars,
  • Dog is ruled by Mercury,
  • Wizard is ruled by Tiamat or the Asteroid Belt, and
  • Mirror is ruled by Neptune.

Those planets have either been through the wringer (One quarter of Mars was blown off in the Tiamat explosion) or are very distant from Earth so there are many lessons there that help REFINE the human race from heeding those kin that are in the light, not in shadow.

The analog support is Red Dragon or Blood Memory which is birth DNA. The Dragon Tribe used to be supportive of humanity. I don’t know it’s destiny now. The Dragon tribe is composed of more than the Draco species but because of evil contracts with greedy humans the Dragon Tribe has been compromised. Again, this has to do with forgiving the Tiamat ordeal. The karma is over but it hasn’t been healed completely. The Dragon tribe are OUR ROOTS on earth so we need to make peace with it at some point.

The Guide Power is itself.

The antipode challenge is Yellow 11 Spectral Star so pulling some harmony and beauty out of the day would be a gift although difficult. In addition there is Venus-Neptune Square as we go through the afternoon into the evening so you see that exact synchronicity with astrology.

The synchronicity is the weather is quite windy right now with either rain or snow.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 3 Electric Night or activating our intuition, dreams and abundance. it will be pretty easy to travel the ethers tonight and do some wakeful dreaming or asleep dreaming and meditating.

The aid from the Galactic Fifth Force Helpers is White 3 Electric Wind so there you have the channeling for star seeds that have the ability.

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