Thursday; The Intelligent, Fearless Warrior

“I pulse in order to Question. Realizing Fearlessness I seal the Output of Intelligence with the Solar tone of Intention. I am guided by the power of Free-Will.”

The Dreamspell; 64:16:9:256

Saturn is the mediating planet here and very likely CAPRICORN is dominant in their astrology chart.

The Theme is Yellow 9 Solar Warrior Today whose attributes are to question, fearlessness, intelligence, trustworthy, realistic, wise, graceful, status conscious.

The analog support is Blue 9 Solar Night so this brings mystery, depth and creativity to these kin possibly in a dark sort of way.

The Guide Power until Noon is Yellow 9 Solar Human which is Corey Goode’s birth theme. I’ll be posting a very important video of his today that he just made with Michael Salla about the current status of the Galactic Federation (E.T.). This is perfect synchronicity with this event since those of us in the inhabited Universe movement believe that the tenets of our U.S. Constitution can transfer to our local system and free those imprisoned on other worlds.

The antipode challenge is White 9 Solar World Bridger. A desire to equalize, have opportunity, change and death are on tap with this one. This is a challenge because humans don’t have equal traits. We’re all different and at different levels of enlightenment. Still, we are all equally CARED FOR by the Universe.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 5 Overtone Serpent of Commanding survival, instinct and Life-Force. There is FIRE in our blood seeded here by the Red Dragon Tribe at the very beginning.

Multidimensional Intelligence

The Galactic Fifth Force of Beings is helping with Yellow 9 Solar Seed or TARGETING FROM SOLAR ENERGIES. Our Sun is completely changing and it’s affecting our local system in profound ways. I can feel it on every level; physical, mental, emotional. Our DNA sequencing is being targeted and nothing can stop it. Humans need to cooperate with OUR UPLIFT. If you resist you’ll have to leave the planet. CHANGE is endemic to earth as is evolution. You are on the wrong planet if you expected everything to stay the same all the time.

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