Wednesday Reading; Blue 8 Galactic Eagle. INTEGRITY; Arginine

“I Harmonize in order to Create.

Modeling Mind, I seal the Output of Vision with the Galactic tone of Integrity.

I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.”

The Dreamspell; 64:15:8:255

The attributes are create, vision, mind, independent, committed, exacting, dreamer. Tone 8 is modeling integrity, harmonize, thorough in research, expert on your chosen subject.

Theme is Blue 8 Galactic Eagle; Galactic Vision. It pulses to the left arm.

The analog support is Yellow 8 Galactic Seed which targets, has an active dynamic, a leader, performer, and influencer.

The Guide Power for only another half hour is Blue 8 Galactic Storm so we are activating for ascension IN the body, intiating by fire, reuniting, and teaching.

This afternoon the antipode challenge is Red 8 Galactic Serpent; survival, instinct and Life-Force, passionate, headstrong, intimate, extremist, and charismatic

The Hidden Wisdom is White 6 Rhythmic World Bridger so there is some change and death dancing around this themeplex. My intuition says it’s related to the Covid19 vaccine rolling out and people getting it. Humans are guinea pigs as usual and it’s not safe in any way shape, or form. Live and Learn! When you TRUST PROFIT DRIVEN SICK CARE and believe them to be altruistic when they’ve proven time and again that they are not, because you WANT to believe they are, you are asking for it.

We all need to trust our own intuition and bodies. Your immune system needs to be shored up and it will take care of it. The vaccine weakens it and can kill you because this thing is still mutating. It’s PURE RNA. The vaccines that have helped humans in the past, the virus had stopped mutating and solidified into DNA in the nucleus. It will be decades before CV2 is in that state. The only thing able to deal with the mutations brilliantly is the HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM shored up and supported by natural medicine and very positive QI. Call me any names you want; I’m right. Go ahead and get the vaccine and you’ll be playing American and Chinese roulette with your body.

Anti-viral Chinese herbs work great when you’ve got it and Astragalus Root builds the white blood cells.

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