Monday Reading-Red 6 Rhythmic Skywalker or Glutamine

6 Glutamine

I organize in order to Explore.

Balancing Wakefulness, I seal the Output of Space with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

It’s is 4:37pm EST so we are heading for dusk or Hidden Wisdom Yellow 8 Galactic Star. That calls for a beautiful high-end night where we can finally settle down from this busy day. I plan to stretch my body after a glutamine, muscle-focused workout that is tapping me out.

For about another hour we sit in antipode challenge Blue 6 Rhythmic Night. That was indeed the vibe this afternoon; organized and mysterious but strength to endure. There is always something to fix it seems.

It has been an ACTIVE, movement filled Skywalker day jumping hoops with White 6 Rhythmic World bridger Analog Support with CHANGE, death of mechanical parts, surrender, and community help.

The Galactic Fifth Force Helpers were Blue 8 Galactic Hand aligning the situation which needs to done occasionally with the body and everything in our world. BALANCE and ALIGNMENT are the key words today. That which is imperfect can be made more perfect and Rhythmic 6 pulses off of Galactic Tone 8.

The amino acids changing in our DNA today are; Glutamine, Threonine, Glutamine again, Alanine and Leucine. All of these work on changing the DNA in THE MUSCLE. It’s important to note that every type of cell in the body has a specific type of DNA dominated by one of the amino acids. Muscle is dominated by Glutamine and Leucine so you it is easier for Red Skywalker and Yellow Star to build and hold muscle.

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