Friday; White 3 Electric Dog; Love and Loyalty Activating the Heart. It’s the Birth Gateway of Christ

           The 5 GForce today is White 11 Spectral Dog

The Solar birthday of Joshua ben Joseph, son of Joseph was August 21, 7B.C. I dialed up his Earth birthday and it is very synchronistically White 3 Electric Dog. My source on that is the Urantia Book pg. 1351. You can google and read this fabulous book online if you wish.

Paper 122 titled The Birth and Infancy of Jesus is very moving. Thankfully, it stipulates on page 1348 that Mary was not a virgin. Mary and Joseph were married but the only supernatural event surrounding his birth was Gabriel’s announcement to Mary the day after he was conceived. That is on page 1347. After that Joseph had a dream. Anyway, you can read all the details that are not recorded in any religious book. Humanity deserves to know the details of Christ’s life and what he ACTUALLY said and did instead of having to rely on The Bible which is edited and written by men. The Urantia Book is channeled by Universe authorities.

I activate in order to love.

Bonding loyalty, I seal the process of HEART with the electric tone of service

I am guided by the power of timelessness

I am a polar kin. I establish the white galactic spectrum

The Dreamspell; 63:10:3:250

It is notable that Jose Arguelles is the Occult Wisdom or Occult Partner for this themeplex. His work has been pivotal for humanity; all good. He was Blue 11 Monkey.

The analog support is Red 3 Electric Moon; activation of flow of feeling and emotion, universal water. It’s imaginative, emotional, self-remembering, communicator, fantasy prone, mutable, aware, strong in feelings, romantic and an expander

The Guide Power is White 3 Electric Wizard; enchantment, receptivity and timelessness. Psychic, intelligent, aligned with divine will, magician, sensitive, torch bearer, heart knowing, shaman, and concerned with spirituality.

The antipode challenge is Yellow 3 Electric Sun; enlightened, life, and universal fire. Christ consciousness.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 11 Spectral Monkey, releasing, liberation, dissolving. This is play, illusion, and magic, extraordinary, co-creator of a higher life, transparent and communicative.

The 5GForce is White 11 Spectral Dog and indeed this is what played out for J.C. on earth supported by the Galactic Force Group itself. The love, freedom and healing he lived and taught was released and liberated into this dimension as the Holy Spirit. It was a great dispensation.

Christ is ruler over ALL Archon, E.T.’s and any living thing in the entire Local Universe. He is the top authority. If you need his help and protection, he is the one to call on. Then you have to listen for his voice.

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