Thursday, Parting Ways to Be True to Yourself

Red 2 Polar Moon

Universal Water, Purifying, Flow, Stabilizing, Duality, Polarizing, Double Helix, Creative Tension, Emotional Action

The Moon is in Cancer (chicken soup placement) today but it squares Mars in Aries so…hold your tongue and consider others feelings. However, if something needs to be said, be CIVIL and DIRECT not passive.

11 Replies to “Thursday, Parting Ways to Be True to Yourself”

    1. I’m just experimenting with different visuals. I get bored with the same old format. The Red applies to Red Moon and the fact that Mars is in Aries today, Mars is red and Aries best color is red. Red is PHYSICAL GROUNDING. It’s not a negative color. It’s the color of a balanced first chakra.


    2. What part of the astrology interpretation confuses you? The line up will tend to emotional indulgence and offloading verbally. I’m saying best to hold a hot temper but it you’re right about something or feel something need to be said, say it without angry emotion. Don’t suppress it. You can be firm and civil, at least women can. LOL.


      1. Ah! I’ve used it for 37 years. I will include more explanation or links in the posts. Our solar system alignments pulse with the Tzolkin alignments exactly.


      2. Gosh… A big subject, obviously. I used to enjoy such esotericism as the Kaballah and have always been fascinated by mysticism. Never really lookes into your subject. I suppose I pin my hopes for a better world on technology as well as a wide based Buddhist type of awakening.

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      3. The work I do and the metaphysical thingd that happen to me are LITERAL. 3D manifestation. Downloads of DNA sequencing that change my body quickly. That’s the life of a starseed. It’s not fu fu new age.


      4. You can upgrade your mind. My son feels the same way and feels guilty. I think it’s past life memories I’ve have it that you’ve brought into this life in this Dimension to clear it sits in your body.

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