Daily Reading; Yellow 1 Magnetic Star Leucine. This is a Light-Hearted Day as We Begin a New 13-day Cycle

Yellow 1 Magnetic Star. The rabbit is an archetype of Yellow Star

This is kin # 247 so we begin the last 13-day cycle of this 260-day cycle or Galactic Spin. It’s main archetype is the kindly Rabbit and the The Star. The attributes are Elegance, Art, Beauty, and Harmony. Yellow Star kin are clever and busy.

It’s analog is Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey. The Monkey is our Creative Trickster, a charismatic joker, not terribly serious and on the move.

It’s Guide Power is Itself. This kin is usually running it’s own business or starting a new one.

It’s Antipode Challenge is White 1 Magnetic Mirror. Because they are always busy they don’t stop for long to reflect. Instead, they are quite habitual and provincial, not usually straying too far from home unless they’re following “a star”, a dream or ideal that they feel strongly about. They feel much stronger about their ideals in life than they do people or relationships.

It’s Hidden Wisdom is Red 13 Skywalker (me). I know my Occult Partner, this kin, Yellow 1 Star and he doesn’t listen to my wisdom too much although he asks for it. I’ve helped him numerous times and it doesn’t seem to take root. That’s how it is for 13 Skywalker. People ask for my advice all the time and then ignore it so I don’t know…I ignore them in return. Lol. It takes two to tango.

It’s 5 GForce is Yellow 13 Human from The Helpers. The vision they have, guided by that star is a BROAD picture that will help humanity.

The Amino Acids evolving are

1Leucine, 1Asparagine, 1Leucine, 1Tyrosine, and 13Glutamine.

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