Monday; White 12 Crystal World Bridger


I dedicate in order to Equalize

Universalizing Opportunity

I seal the Store of Death

with the Crystal tone of Cooperation

I am guided by the power of Endlessness.

The Dreamspell; 62:6:12:246

12World Bridger is always supported by the exploration and bravery of12 Red Skywalker or…Red Skywalker in SHADOW; criminal conduct due to a broken subconscious mind in childhood. Obama and Clinton are both Red 4 Skywalker and very much supported Biden who is White 2 World Bridger. That is all Shadow but it happens!

The Guide Power that governed the morning was White 12 Mirror or Endless Reflection that can be a double-edged sword. That could come in the form of loyalty to the wrong people. Loyalty is a worthy trait as long as it tells the truth.

The antipode that is currently upon us is Yellow 12 Warrior which is playing out as hundreds of intelligent warrior patriots who want to keep our Republic and our Constitution in ONE PIECE. You don’t have to BE a Republican to support our Republic. I am not a Republican. I am an Independent. Communal, intelligent, trustworthy, pragmatic, high standard military and .are working very, very hard to retain our sacred Constitution.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 2 Polar Eagle. That is Vision that is stabilizing but challenging. We are walking a tightrope of wholeness and separation, of integration and release. It’s a no nonsense approach that HAS to do the right thing.

The 5 GFORCE from our helpers is White 2 Polar Wizard. That vibe is MEMORY OF MALDEK and all that went WAY off course during that blow-up. We are not allowed to make the same mistake which is why the E.T.’s all over the world have POWERED DOWN human nuclear warheads. It’s like a small child with a dangerous toy. The parent takes it from them because they don’t know any better. Thank God.

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