Watch “Gemini Lunar Eclipse ~ Soul Growth Choice Points” on YouTube

Here is the astrological explanation for what is coming up on Monday with the partial lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in Gemini (today).

I’m going to add the multidimensional Tzolkin piece in the morning. I’m wide awake at 3a.m. entered into my inverse harmonic which is the next 4 days of the crux of my soul lessons. Yeeha😌

Astrologically, the Sun is in good aspect with Uranus (Aquarius) but difficult aspect with Pluto (Yellow Sun and Blue Storm) The Full Moon is in Gemini so we are back and forth sitting in some dualism, changing our minds. I wouldn’t take any concrete action right now.

Today is Red 11 Spectral Serpent with analog White 11 Spectral Wizard. MALDEK is the mediating planet right now and as I’ve said on here before, Red Skywalker and White World Bridger, bc of Mars, have Maldek karma and that has been the case for me. I think it’s over though.

Obama, Clinton,Biden, Hillary are all Red Skywalker and White World Bridger so that karma has been in our politics and the Deep State. Blue Hand-Yellow Human kin are cleaning it up by restoring the Earth-Uranus Time connection that was cut off. Uranus rules Age of Aquarius!

This is a double pulse on Red 11 Serpent as the guide power so many layers are falling away. Watch for New Age Cultists now teaching One World Government, Crypto Currency, Utopian world with nothing bad ever!, and talking to you like you’re a little kid and they are Big Good Daddy. They may put Trump and Christ in front of them as a shield. The other telltale is there is only every mention of THE LIGHT. There is never any talk of the blessed dark of the female. And strangely, it’s always a man delivering this, “You’re taken care of” message. telling the princesses in distress that they are rescued. Just what every traumatized woman wants to hear. Not. This is also a level of dissolving and chaos that’s ridiculous.

The antipode challenge is Blue 11 Spectral Eagle. As mentioned above, some have a vision that is blurry and not in reality. Just because you wish for something to appear a certain way doesn’t mean that it does. The principles of action and grounding are still in play in the universe and there will continue to be vision vs. action which is necessary to manifest in ALL dimensions. IT IS NEVER THE CASE THAT YOU CAN SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING AND SOMEONE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. We are no longer infants. Beware of Church, New Age, and State offering to hand you what you need. Big red flag.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 3 Warrior or electric intelligence that questions, is fearless and trustworthy. There are high standards here to counter the chaos.

The 5 GForce is Blue 3 Electric Eagle so this Eagle placement is activated for service and has bonding power. This is grounding help even though it’s sky bound. Remember the Galactic Force is an actual group of Pleiadean beings helping bring the Power of 5 and 20 to help Earth to overstep the Power of 7 which was brought forward by the Time Thieves.

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