Saturday Reading; Activating Synchronicity Through Phenylalanine

Red 3 Electric Earth

Read the mantra first. Why is our DNA activated, specifically by viruses? To evolve our RNA-DNA. That’s pretty much the function of this planet. We are a large genetic experimental planet and have been for millenia. Nothing can stop a mutating RNA virus no matter what you read. They are not just simple biological organisms. They are complex DNA packets created by our ancestors to help us evolve forward. Those that don’t want to evolve forward will succumb by their own choosing. CHANGE is natural on the planet and no one can skate by change.

That doesn’t abrigate free will. Beings that are smarter and more conscious than us on the planet, of which there are millions, are held to UNIVERSAL LAW from galactic center so this is not a free for all.

However, because we do have the freedom and the capability to self generate ourselves from within our own body and change for the better, and we are given gifts and opportunities to better ourselves, our Free Will and Consciousness is only as broad as we allow it to be.

That seems to be the stumbling block for many people. We have the capability to improve ourselves but we have to do the work. People who act like they’re doing it for us are using us. Politicians come to mind.

After Tone 3 activation we move to Tone 4 Self-Generation which leads to Tone 5 and we are Radiant and so on until we hit Tone 13 (my tone) and we are COSMIC CITIZENS. We are not better than others which I’ve been accused of thinking. We have more experience on the planet and are teachers who should be respected. No tone 13 kin expects obedience but ironically the Magnetic Tone 1’s do. Lol They are usually newbs to the planet with some charisma. You will see them in the media telling people what to do with authority, flipping their hair and looking very dapper in their suits. Most people love that.

The analog support is White 3 Wind, activating communication and Spirit.

The Guide Power is Red 3 Electric Dragon which stimulates our subconscious blood mother, family mind to enlighten where some our DNA blockages are coming from. This is powerful and protective energy which is appropriate with Thanksgiving coming up and certain politicians intending to lock us down in the face of a virus with a 99% survival rate and 3 medicines that will get rid of it. Media Programing is GOD to many people because they don’t take care of themselves or deal with their feelings. Consequently they don’t know what the truth is so they want to be told what they truth is. They could use their intuition and it would all be cleared up. The virus is real and totally able to be handled at home.

The Antipode Challenge is Blue 3 Electric Hand; (Trump) knowing, healing, and accomplishment. These folks are helpful and savvy and tend to really care for the underdog. They don’t like to see abuse of power or oppression and inspire people to speak up and stand up. This can go against the grain in some family systems who teach and expect compliance to family rules.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 11 Spectral Seed; liberating awareness and flowering of energy that was seeded before. This is an active dynamic that dissolves blockages with the spectral energy.

The 5GForce is Blue 11 Spectral Night (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) or chaotic dreaming, mystery and abundance. So much is dissolving and morphing right now in public. It is really hard to tell where this is going to land. But the dominant theme is activated synchronicity which jumbles up our MATRIX so that everyone is still learning and evolving either in shadow or light. It doesn’t matter to the Universe. Humans judge light and shadow, the Universe does not. All are cared for. Karma is real but so is Love and Forgiveness. But Love and Forgiveness don’t exempt you from your karma. There’s the rub but that is reality and justice.

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