We Begin 13 days of Magnetic Vision

Today’s theme is Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle and it’s Analog support is Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed so this vision is GROUNDED; a DNA packet in the earths soil. It’s guided by itself so the vision comes from within. That can go too far though if you’re so grounded that you won’t take the leap and ACT on the vision of the eagle.

But it is challenged by antipode Red 1 Magnetic Serpent that is headstrong and intimate, willing to go the distance to survive and has great instincts. If the seed doesn’t sprout, the serpent will take over.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 13 Cosmic World Bridger that reminds all of us that Cosmic Death and Change are IMMINENT and that is actually where we find ourselves right now. Everything is changing and we have to adapt if we want to survive.

The 5GForce if Red 13 Cosmic Serpent that has finished the job from Red 1 Magnetic Serpent which teaches that EVOLUTION is a sure thing. We are always moving forward into eternity so there is no point of trying to stop anything. Anything that should end will end on its own following destiny.

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