Tuesday Reading; 11/17/20-Red 12 Crystal Skywalker

I dedicate in order to explore. Universalizing Wakefulness I seal the output of space with the Crystal tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Life Force.

The Dreamspell, 59:13:12:233
Explore, Wakefulness, Space (3D), accomplished popular pillar of heaven & earth knowledgeable, time & space traveler, crusader, assumes challenges, socially principled.

We’re starting to understand one another and the group think looms large today. As Time marches on and the collective sees HABITS, we start to learn what the unspoken truth is. It is amazing to me how intuitive and psychic we are with one another. Our minds really do join together in the ether. That is CRYSTAL TONE 12.

Crystals communicate telepathically, mentally, directly. Corey Goode tells about being taken to the Crystal Caves as a kid when he was being trained in the military as an I.E., an intuitive empath. They told him not to touch the crystals as your own mental field could damage the crystal’s mental field. The Maya also were great ones for communing with stone, in fact the original Tzolkin was carved on stone slabs on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The support today is White 12 World Bridger; equalize, opportunity, death and change. We are community oriented and grounded in spirit.

The Guide Power is Red 12 Crystal Serpent. That’s an appealing visual; a crystal serpent. The one here is literally crystal, hand blown. Very Cool. Survival, Instinct, Life-Force, Passion, resourceful, headstrong intimate, creative, sensual, extremist, charismatic.

The antipode challenge is Blue 12 Crystal Night, also a nice visual. Dream, intuition, abundance, mysterious, logical, powerful, conservative, deep, and endurance.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Polar Star.

Beautify, Art, Elegance, harmony, expansion, clever, hopeful, energetic, inspiration, nervous, playful, loving, busy, and intelligent.

The Moon is in Capricorn today at 11:35am which is governed by SATURN. Saturn is the mediating planet for the antipode; BLUE NIGHT.

The mediating planet for Red Skywalker and White W.B. is MARS.

Astrology for 11/17/20 from cafeastrology.com

  1. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius until 11:35 AM EST. (During Red Serpent)
  2. The Sagittarius Moon is brave and a tad restless, seeking new experiences. (Red Skywalker)
  3. This Moon transit stimulates a need for meaning, truth, and adventure. (Red Skywalker)
  4. The Mercury-Uranus opposition perfects early today, and we can be confrontational or rebellious in our communications. (Mars)
  5. The friction stimulated now can challenge us to think more clearly and learn more about our opinions. (Mars)
  6. From 11:35 AM EST forward, the Moon transits Capricorn, helping to ground us, but also stoking our ambitions. (Blue Night)
  7. We crave results, preferring to see the reality of a situation. We are paying strong attention to our responsibilities and the structures in our lives. (Blue Night)
  8. The void Moon occurs from 2:55 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Venus), until the Moon enters Capricorn at 11:35 AM EST.

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