Saturday. White 9 Solar Dog; Love and Loyalty

White 9 Solar Dog is supported by Red 9 Solar Moon.

Today is the New Moon in Scorpio and White Solar 9 Dog. See yesterday’s post about the New Moon. We are moving into some seriously transformative, authentic energy with Scorpio leading the new moon cycle. Each lunar cycle is 28 days and there are 13 lunar cycles in a 365 days year, not 12. Tone 12 is Crystal and Tone 13 is Cosmic. Both are GOOD but 13 raises up the individual to be a cosmic citizen not just an independent one. Cosmic means universal.

We can receive direct downloads of changes to our own DNA if we ask. It comes through a virus, usually a minor one to stimulate our immune system to incorporate the new DNA sequence! We’re at that point now. I just did it with my left leg, ankle and foot and they are almost normal now. It all syncs perfectly with the Tzolkin and is the key to sprocketing lunar and solar time with Universal Time across all dimensions. Because Time is DNA that means our DNA is aligned and balanced with that mental consciousness.

The Guide Power is White 9 Solar World Bridger mediated by Mars and the Sun is bringing many changes to life on Earth and Earth itself. definitely challenging us to ALLOW and not resist, to accept that CHANGES are a natural part of life and to TRUST NATURE instead of trying to force our clever human ways on the situation that just makes it worse. All of that is EGO. Love and loyalty transcend ego. We seal the process of HEART with INTENTION and we are guided by the power of death in doing that. Death (change) is part of life. It’s not negative if you align your perception and stop needing to have your way all the time. We can all adjust and cooperate a bit.

The Antipode IS Yellow Sun Tribe and it is again uploading our collective thought forms to Galactic Center. The word is we are doing well.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 5 Overtone Monkey so we can play at this. The body and the DNA are a creative pallet to draw on; whatever you wish. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what to do with your body. It’s your deal to feel out, intuit, work on, learn lessons and control for yourself. The Universe is about free will and you are free to be negative and destructive toward yourself with your body as you wish! No one has the right to judge you on that score. However, you are not free to harm others with your body without karma. Note that big difference.

The Fifth dimensional Galactic Force is White 5 Dog which is RADIANT Love and loyalty. That is quite beautiful. I’ve been thinking that this will be the most beautiful Christmas ever because we are FINALLY ascending to the Christ energy on this planet and can be as GRATEFUL as ever that J.C. came here to finish his final dispensation in our Local Universe (The Urantia book). This isn’t the only planet he lived on but it is where he finished it with the Prince of Darkness who used to be a great Angel of Light. The human race has been put through the ringer, not of our own doing! There is no place for guilt but for FAITH and LOVE. Once again, keeping in mind that all souls have Spiritual Light and Dark in them or Light and Shadow. We have to keep an eye on our own souls and not judge others. That’s where Love comes in.

He is our best friend and not just to Humans; to every species in the Universe. J.C. is White 3 Electric Dog.

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