Daily Reading; 11-11-2020,Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand

Earth is the mediating planet today and Yellow 6 Human is the analog support! The humans on the surface definitely need some attention from all the beneficial tech they are keeping secret. Full Disclosure is the most important thing coming from Washington right now.

Tone 6 is all about getting organized, and in this case, for ascension. The date today is in synchronicity with the Ascension Code which points to all the celestial help we’ve been getting in the last five years to level up our bodies and minds for a more focused, civilized, peaceful life on the surface. Humans need to calm down. Many people say, “No, I don’t feel like it.” Well then work on your brain until you do feel like it unless you want to end up under someone else’s control”

It makes everyone else in society suffer when an individual can’t be rational and analyze their feelings instead of indulging in them. It’s one thing to be expressive and creative and another to lash out in violence. So it’s a matter of organizing your thought and feelings before you take action…in America. Every culture is different.

“I organize in order to Know, Balancing Healing I seal the Store of Accomplishment with the Rhythmic tone of Equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

— Dreamspell, Kin 227

Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand

The 5 Force today is Red 8 Galactic Skywalker so there are the upper dimensional double PILLARS in synchronicity with the double pillars of 11:11:2020. Red Skywalker is about joining Heaven to Earth and the Skywalkers are a leader tribe on the planet right now.

Also notice that the WHOLE DATE adds up to EIGHT which is in synchronicity with THE TONE OF THE5GFORCE.

So we’ve got several energies in play;





We’re divisible by TWO or dualism today. These are EARTH numbers. FOUR is THE Earth number so we’re right on target to improve things here on the surface. We NEED our Laws to force people to play fair despite their feelings. Most people feel like victims (They allow it. They do have a choice.) and then they no longer believe in justice, throw laws out the window and say, “Do whatever it takes to get some for yourself”. They feel inferior and don’t believe they can do better by following the rules so that we share in a community. Well, we have to. Everyone is different and that’s why we have to. We have to have some type of level to keep things civil.

The Guide Power is itself (self-generating), the antipode is Red 6 Earth which is organized synchronicity in NAVIGATION, and the Hidden Wisdom is White 8 Galactic Wizard so THERE IS THE 8 AGAIN with the GALACTIC influence and there is WIZARD again. He’s been in there the last 3 days.

The Blue Hand Time Portal is a Core Kin at the Equator–165 degrees East. That’s Micronesia off the island of Nauru.


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