Monday Reading; Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent


Intuiting the Mayan Oracle today I see people who look more INWARD than outward holding the line of FORM that functions. We are in SURVIVAL mode, PASSIONATE and impatient to move into thriving if we are positive about life and don’t seek to bring others down. But the world and mind around us are desolate with false assuredness of an illusion. It will not be.

The serpent is stuck on the ground with its keen senses until it writhes up a tree where its vantage point is limitless. In that way it evolves to be similar to its antipode, the Eagle.

He is supported by The Magician who knows how to receive truth signals because he is open-hearted. They are friends.

The aloneness of our self-birthing comes by the Dragon blood mother. She is nurturing and powerful and the serpent came from her.

The serpent now has the vision of the eagle but it cannot fly. What is the point of having vision if you have no legs to manifest it?

You can always use your mind to perfect the idea and intelligently bring it about in time. That doesn’t mean it will be received or liked but at least you brought something original forward rather than absorbing outside ideas like a sponge and calling it TRUTH.

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