Today’s Update from Pars Kutay on FB.

Note from Lisa (me). I believe we live in all dimensions at the same time already. It’s a matter of perception regarding your awareness of which ones.

Note what Pars says about DNA expansion. It applies specifically to my work and the Tzolkin.

Also, we will finally have control of the swinging door that is the 33rd Tzolkin harmonic.

The creative energies from implicate order BELONG TO ALL SENTIENT LIFE ON EARTH. Part of why I’m here is to help restore it.


By Pars Kutay

As planet Earth moves further along the Gamma Timeline towards the end of Earth year 2020… a Massive fleet of Benevolent LIGHT Forces docked in Earth’s Solar System were given a Green-Light Go Directive to initiate the Final Operation “Ascension Earth”.

The Final Battle between LIGHT and Darkness for ownership of planet Earth…

Delta Forces of LIGHT have Now confirmed an overwhelming Victory over most remaining Draco forces that were hiding in Sub-Lunar Space and the Energetic path is NOW Clear for the planet to BEgin moving into the Fifth Dimension.

The Pleiadians have conveyed to certain Earth Alliance members that the Entire Ancient 3D Matrix Control System that has Gripped the BEings of Earth for eons is going to Completely Fall Apart NOW… Like Dominoes Tumbling!

We Shall See this BEgin to Happen in Only a matter of Weeks NOW!

According to New Data received by the Earth Alliance…

a substantial DNA Expansion has been occurring among the BEings of Earth over the last 30 days and over the next two months… this DNA Expansion will BEcome very Noticeable.

What is currently Happening on Earth is Positive… however it will have quite a shocking effect on Global Human Consciousness and will cause Humanity to BEgin WAKING UP even faster.

The Pleiadians say… this sudden Global Consciousness Leap is the Major Turning Point on Earth’s Ascension Timeline.

On December 21, 2020… a Magnificent Celestial Stargate will open in the Heavens which marks the Dawn of the NEW AGE of Aquarius and the 1st day of the “Satya Yuga” of Central Sunlight.

At 11:11 am UTC on the Winter Solstice… the long-awaited New Era of LIGHT will Finally Dawn and the NEW 5D Earth will BE Born on Earth.

A 20-year Jupiter / Saturn “Great Conjunction” that Falls on the most significant Solar day of the year… the December Solstice.

At that Moment on Earth’s Gamma Timeline… powerful streams of Super-High-Frequency (Central Sun) Energy will BEgin flowing into Earth’s Atmosphere.

The LIGHT has Not been present on Earth since the days of Atlantis and Advanced Science shows that 40-Hertz-Frequency… 5D… Gamma LIGHT will instantly Re-Code DNA to a more Complex Order.

If you have Inner Eyes to see… you can see the Grand Ascension of Humanity is NOW imminent on every front and somethings really Big is about to Happen on planet Earth.

Humanity is about to experience a Evolutionary Quantum Leap in Consciousness and every BEing from every corner of the Universe is Here for a front row seat to witness the Grand Ascension of Humankind.

This Grand “NOW” Reality… is the Great Time spoken of old by many Prophets and Visionaries when Humanity would BEgin moving from the long period of Cosmic Darkness into the Blinding New GOLDEN AGE.

With Sacred LOVE of ONE

~ 💜 ~

Photo: Fleet of Pleiadian Light Ships captured over Alaska… photographer unknown

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