The Day Old Wobbly Joe Declares Himself King. The Trump Card Has Yet to be Played

Let’s take a look at this inauspicious day in light of the Universal Tzolkin Harmonic Oracle that is never wrong; not the for the thirty years I’ve been working it. Also, this was the themeplex on 1-1-2018, 11:11 gateway and Full Super moon so everything happening is part to the ascension plan.

Nothing is official. The MSM (mainstream media) has no legal authority. Their job is to DRUG the public psyche with their mojo juice to set them up for a hard, emotional, superficial crash; Like a rollercoaster crashing at Disneyland. God Bless America. Be sure and get some cotton candy.

It’s right here in the themeplex and in synchronicity with Joe Biden being White 2 Polar Worldbridger which is polarizing death and polarizing change so he’s definitely bringing that about with his mediating planet Mars RETROGRADE. Good job man!

Today is Blue 2 Polar Night in total synchronicity with his Tone 2 themeplex. It is deep, secret, hidden, mysterious dark supported by Yellow 2 polar Warrior which is the amino acid histidine. It is about fighting, war, working the adrenal glands, (ADRENOCHROME) clever intelligence, so he’s helping to bring about Dark Night Warrior energy of Saturn today.

We are mediated by Saturn which is a planet of severity, disciplined harsh control, lockdowns, fear, evil stuff like that. restriction of freedom for people he and his kind views as slaves.

Then he’s guided by Jupiter in Blue 2 Polar Eagle which is dualistic vision. It’s got the claws of the eagle of course, a carnivorous predator, the United States symbol of the Eagle that he’s Guided by, the polarizing energy of a an aggressive Eagle that picks up its prey with his claws and takes it home and eats it. Blood lust.

The challenge to him is my tribe the Skywalkers. In this instance it’s the Red 2 Polar Sky Walker who will do anything to stabilize a dark situation, an aggressive extreme situation with truth and integrity. He’s going to be challenged by the Skywalker’s going forward.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 12 Crystal Mirror which is very Cooperative, high level examination and reflection on what is actually going on. This is not to his benefits because he functions in Shadow, an absolute shadow because he’s from a crime family. So his lessons in this lifetime revolve around everything that’s Crystal and Cooperative although he resists it at every turn and the reason he resists it is because he’s White 2 Worldbridger, polarizing death. So to a certain extent he’s come to this planet to shake things up in a bad way. That is some people’s destiny because they like it. They like the bad resisting way.

His 5GForce from the Fifth Dimension is Red 12 Earth which will be antipodal or Red. This is Crystal navigation and complex stability. It’s not going to last long as we move through the next three wavespells.

Bottom line, President Trump is still the President until January 20, 2021 regardless and no legal authority has declared him President elect…at all. In the meantime there will be a pile of legal suits filed against him and the DNC for fraud in the voting process, rightly so. Trump told us ahead of time about everything that was coming and many months ago laid the groundwork for himself to be back in the White House…legally…with tons of popular support. He got it with 71,000,000 legal votes counted so far, more than any President in the history of the U.S. Kaboom.

The Electric Storm is at HAND. He has the Trump Card.

3 Replies to “The Day Old Wobbly Joe Declares Himself King. The Trump Card Has Yet to be Played”

  1. I have anxiously been awaiting your email today to try to understand what is happening. Your email gives me renewed hope for our country.
    Godspeed and let the light be seen by everyone in order to understand the chaos taking place.
    Thank you for all you do.

    1. You’re welcome. I know it’s hard out there if you watch it. I don’t. Stay inside yourself for intuitive truth and safety. I posted the other piece.

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