I Found Another Piece Related to TODAY and OldJoe’s Destiny Kin

I was staring at the Tzolkin some more after lunch and started looking at the next 3 wavespells which will take us up to December 16, 2020, the very last day of the Galactic Spin which is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun.

Ok, but see if you can wrap your head around this. The antipode or CHALLENGE for today is Red 2 Skywalker. Red 2 Skywalker is Joe Biden’s ANALOG SUPPORT in his Destiny Gateway which reads;

White 2 Worldbriger;

I POLARIZE in order to equalize. (a false and contrived equivalency if it’s done through politics). Stabilizing opportunity (same contrived opportunity), I seal the Store of DEATH with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of endlessness. I am a Galactic Activation Portal. Enter me.

The first themeplex is Biden. See Red 2 Skywalker to his right.

The second themeplex is TODAY, on the day he lied about becoming President along with the media, in the CHALLENGE, antipode, negative position, behind him.

Then, with Yellow Warrior shifted over ALSO as well as the other two. AMAZING! Histidine affect the adrenal glands (adrenochrome).

The predatory eagle is no longer a cooperative 12 tone under him but has turned polarizing Tone 2 and is guiding him.

White 2 stabilizing Mirror is no longer guiding him, it turned to White 12 Mirror which is the COMMUNAL PUBLIC REFLECTION ON WHAT HE IS DOING and look at the chaos around the world because of it.

This is one of the most telling and amazing synchronicities I’ve seen in thirty years.

If Red 2 Skywalker is his ANALOG Support which is one and the same as himself, as it is for all of us, AND IT FALLS AS THE ANTIPODE CHALLENGE ON THE DAY THAT YOU ILLEGALLY DECLARE YOURSELF PRESIDENT…??? You’re screwed. Your support has just literally stabbed you in the back because that kin is BEHIND…you, the theme. The analog is always in front of you to the right of you as you know like the infinity symbol.

In effect it says, “This energy supported you your whole life but because you chose SHADOW during your life, it no longer supports you. It will now be your doom on this day of Blue 2 Night, Nov. 7, 2020″ He just put a nail in his World Bridger death coffin.

IN FACT, Obama, Clinton and John McCain were all Red 4 Skywalker and always supported old Joe. That’s double the Red 2 Skywalker. But to no avail. And there is a streak of disloyalty in all of the Red 4 Skywalkers. Watch your back with them!

My cosmic memory with them is when Maldek blew and we had a plan in place to survive, which we did barely, they did not stick to plan and did what they thought was best. (Tone 4 being self-existing and into keeping a form in place are known to usurp and they did.) They got too clever. I have known four, Red 4 Skywalkers in my life and they were all a bad deal in shadow. They can come into the spiritual light. It’s karma and is their choice.

This used to be Joe Biden’s support. TODAY, it is HIS ENEMY by his own choosing.

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