Wednesday Reading; Yellow 12 Crystal Sun

Here we are! Where we knew it would end up with dysfunctional humans that don’t like rules. FREE WILL is universal law but the issue is that the citizens that DON’T USE THEIR FREE WILL are easily manipulated by authoritarian media.

The law of the kin is cooperation, not “I’m going to violently overthrow you if I don’t get my way.” Do Americans really love the specter of eternal masks that only stop your own breathing, vaccines, lockdowns and complete anarchy of our way of life? Wake up!~

We are on Yellow 12 Crystal Sun today the day after a difficult election and it’s still not decided. The attributes of Yellow Sun are enlightenment and a unified whole. Christ consciousness need to come to the fore. Well-intentioned and devoted. For instance, I’d be willing to do a revote since the Dem ail-in ballots were likely illegal. All those folks need absentee ballots then!! Then we’ll do a re-vote. Just sayin’. That is cooperative.

If we are dedicated to a lawful election then the DNC should be censured and fined for encouraging and CONTROLLING the mail-in ballots. The absentee ballot has been the only mail-in ballot which requires ID and proper hoop jumping for decades! How did they get away with that?

We are supported by Blue 12 Storm of catalyzing self-generation that is cooperative. See above. We can get this straight. Right?

The Guide Power is Yellow 12 Human; cooperative, enlightened humans that know that EACH VOTE needs to count, there are RULES to abide by and Voter Fraud will stop the whole process. Period. Human tribe is responsible, straightforward, a harvester, abundant and a hard worker.

The antipode, which we are in now from noon-dusk is White 12 Dog, Cooperative love. Yeah, that’s a challenge all right. I have no love for the DNC right thinking back to the WIDE, BIG FIELD of CHOICE, strong candidates we had to choose from and they put forward insulting old dementia Joe??? Terrible. Quite an insult to their constituents.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 2 polar Dragon. It’s a mother trying to stop the fighting between two children. She is a stabilizing force. Frankly, I have no idea. I just want this to be over.

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