Critical Update just now from Pars Kutay


As Earth’s Solar System moves closer to the Central Sun… the planet has reached a Critical point in its History and Evolution.

Every Angelic BEing in the Cosmos is speaking to Humanity about what is to come yet many will say “when I look around in the world right Now all I see is political drama.”

Day BEfore the Morning Sun of the Winter Solstice rises… the darkness that has gripped this world for eons is Going to Let Go of its Hold on this World.

Furthermore… present situations playing out on the surface that look like they have no positive end in sight are going to come to a Full and Gentle End before the end of year 2020.

Things will NOT Be as they are NOW and again we Shall see as quick as the storm came it Will BE Gone.

For NOW we Know that it all must happen… and we shall see it come to pass. We KNOW exactly that incredible Celestial LIGHT is about to Shine on this Planet.

It is going to Gently Phase Everything Out of its current state Peacefully.

Any chaos on the surface at the Moment is simply due to the Energetic Collision of two Dimensions as the old world gives Birth to the NEW ONE.

As been said before chaos is the Natural result of Change and Change is the Only Constant in this Universe.

Change is NOT negative it is just Change and if anything it is GROWTH, and we can ask the Caterpillar.

As we Ascend even HIGHER through the 5D Barrier…

we are Aware that HIGHER BEings are Holding our Energy steady as we Change and until All things are Fully Stabilized into our NEW Way of BEing.

During this Great Time on planet Earth… Let’s use this downtime to stay more in Spiritual Mode… BE more Allowing of What Is and Just Let things BE what They Are.

We are as BEings of Earth are about the make a Quantum Leap in Consciousness.

Incoming Gamma LIGHT coming from the Galactic Core is expected to increase in power over the next few months.

It takes a Strong and Healthy Light BEing to BE able to Integrate these HIGHER levels of Photonic LIGHT and NOW is a Time to take the Best Care of our SELVES… our Minds… our Emotions… and our Spirits.

We eat Only Natural Plant-Based Energy foods and drink lots of Pure Water.

We do our Best to Stop ingesting toxic energies from the 3D matrix system.

We may have to Rest… Sleep more than normal to integrate these HIGHER levels of Central Sun Gamma LIGHT.

We remove our SELVES from All the negative people and things in our lives and spend some time alone.

We are Changing and Healing… so we Need to BE left alone for a time.

Grand Ascension Angels are moving closer to Earth as We Speak in preparation for the Great Evolution of Human Consciousness.

This is the Apex of the EVENT spoken of by the Sages of old…

the 12.21 Solstice of 2020 is Drawing near… and We shall Stand on the Earth and BEhold the LIGHT of Heaven and the 5D NEW Earth.

with Sacred LOVE of ONE

~ 💜 ~

Photo: Blue Full Moon Corona – captured on October 31, 2020 by Jenifer Mason

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