Blue Full Moon, Midautumnal Samhain, Potent CME’s on the Sun and Challenging Local Alignments

Theme; Yellow 8 Warrior; question, fearlessness, intelligence.

Yellow 8 Galactic Warrior which is the evolution of Histidine in our tRNA, is compressed by universal influences that promise changes that no one can control.

It’s time to HARMONIZE in INTEGRITY. We are harmonizing dark and light in both female and male, good and evil, freedom and restriction and these things all come FEOM WITHIN US AS A COLLECTIVE.

Sure, the individual with integrity is alive and well but for millenia now humanity has held tightly to war, bloodletting, enemies, territory, politics, religion, and self-righteousness. We’ve always had divergent values among human cultures but the Tzolkin and our experience of synchronicity has taught us that we are united in our Source, our DNA, our physical needs and shared experience in this holographic drama on earth.

The competition and mainstream negativity is an illusion based on boredom, indolence, obsession, lonliness. and wandering in an unknown land. We are distracted by our eyes that see everything outside and nothing onside. Our INSIDE SIGHT IN THIS SEASON OF THE DARK OF AUTUMN comes from the third eye. 1, out, 2, out looking forward we see dualistically and move dualistically with 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 legs, feet and ankles run by 2 brains. It’s a polarizing illusion.

Our third eye is midbrain in the pineal gland. It is an ancient knowledge honed by meditation and then the magic of transmutation of the physical once the mind is FOCUSED ON HARMONIZING disparate pieces. It’s an inner mirror that comes from following the breath.

That harmony is achieved in the oneness of the body. WE ARE ONE, WHOLE, BODY. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are all connected and perfectly symetrical according to the Golden Ratio encased in skin.

No institution in our society teaches the harmony of the physical body. We are taught that we are in pieces; bad weak pieces that must suffer, sacrifice, and die. It’s all a lie, an atheistic illusion that will not bring light to the dark and is afraid to be reborn in the dark because perhaps you are a monster with no heart? That is the fear of man because of what he is capable of.

The analog support is Blue 8 Galactic Night. That is perfect synchronicity with the Blue Full Moon and Saturn opposition since we are mediated by Saturn today.

The Guide Power is Yellow 8 Galactic Sun also in perfect synchronicity as the solar cycle we are now in is the biggest eruption we’ve ever seen. The energies from the sun are guiding us.

The antipode is White 8 Glactic Worldbridger, galactic change and death, opportunity and equalization. It’s all about balance. It’s a challenge amd a gift.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 6 Rhythmic Serpent, survival, instinct, with passionate life force.

The 5GForce is Yellow 6 Seed or rhythmic targeting. The humans that are able to focus on the wholeness and health of their body will survive the current nonsense.

It occurred to me today that many people very easily believe what their told without question or research. They just trust the media and that is a dangerous mindset right now. It’s a zombie situation. If you know you are not in that group you will be safe. You are still able to rationalize the situation and see what’s true and what is not. That is the ability to focus.

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