The Big Solar Event on Dec. 21, 2020 is Blue 7 Resonant Hand. I’m doing the Tzolkin line-up and Pars Kutay is on Facebook.

This is the coming Winter Solstice.

Blue 7 Resonant Hand

The great cosmic event where our galaxy aligns with our Great Central Sun commences on Red 1 Dragon, December 15, 2020 and ends with my themeplex; Red 13 Skywalker on Dec. 27, 2020. This is highly synchronistic in that we begin a new galactic 260 day spin with a great 400 year alignment signified by Jupiter and Saturn being conjunct on the Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2020.

During this Red Dragon Wavespell, Saturn and Jupiter rule the sequence only on Blue 3 Night and Yellow 4 Seed. Those dates are Dec. 17 and 18.

The only question that comes to mind is the Time Thieves were from Jupiter and Saturn so…they are not the most friendly planets to Earth. Earth is ALL OVER the December 21 line-up though as you can see by looking at the themeplex above. Blue Hand and Yellow Human are mediated by EARTH. Guide power is Blue 7 Storm mediated by Pluto whose ANALOG is the Great Central Sun, Antipode is Red 7 Earth mediated by Uranus, and Hidden Wisdom is White 7 Wizard mediated by the asteroid belt. I’m not exactly sure what is going on here yet so I’m writing out loud. Keep in mind the context of this big event is the 13-day wavespell, not just one day. Look at the coordinates for those 13 days.;

1:1:1:1, 1:2:2:2, 1:3:3:3, 1:4:4:4, 2:5:5:5, 2:6:6:6, 2:7:7:7, 2:8:8:8, 3:9:9:9, 3:10:10:10, 3:11:11:11 (Jose A’s themeplex), 3:12:12:12:12, 4:13:13:13 (me)

The way these read out is Harmonic Family#, Archetype#, Tone#, kin#. For example, Jose is in Harmonic Family 3, he is archetype 11, tone 11, and kin 11. All of that indicates he was a huge factor in our ascension and his most epic book is Earth Ascending. Jose was all about ascension into our Universal family and transcending PAST the birth family. His birth family was not fond of him. I have the same issues, as though that’s the holy measure of a person’s character. If the birth family were equal to God that would be the case but they are not. How taboo of me to state that fact!

This is an exact quote from Pars:

“We are fast approaching the Great point in Cosmic Time when the Galaxy moves close again to the Central Sun and Angelic Teachers and the Masters of Light are Heralding across the Cosmos that the NEW ERA of LIGHT is about to return to planet Earth.

The Earth Alliance reports that as the Solstice Earth date marker December 21, 2020 draws near. Benevolent Light Forces are moving into Earth’s Solar System in Mass numbers Now in preparation for an Earth’s Grand Evolutionary Ascension Event.

On 12.21.2020 (3, 3, 4 in numerology) a Grand 400-year Celestial Alignment will occur as Jupiter conjuncts Saturn known as the Great Conjunction which also happens on the most significant Solar day of the year December Solstice.

This is the exact point on the Celestial Wheel of Time when the Golden Age of LIGHT spoken of old by all major cultures is set to Dawn. These rare upcoming Celestial Events coincide with the BEginning of a major New Central Sun Cycle as Earth’s Galaxy moves back into the Satya Yuga era of LIGHT spoken of by the ancient Lemurians.

This series of Magnificent Heavenly Events coming at the end of Earth year 2020…

Signal the Dawn of a NEW ERA of LIGHT… PEACE… and ABUNDANCE on planet Earth.”

~ đź’ś ~

From Lisa;

You might want to mark your calendars this year and get ready for…??? big earth and body changes. Big brain changes and big political changes. It should all be good.

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