Daily Reading; Sat. & Sun. Red 1 Moon and White 2 Dog. We begin a new 13-Day Cycle

I’ve had a super busy weekend and getting more patient calls since I dumped Facebook. It’s been good for business. Tell all your friends.

White 2 Dog is the theme, Red 2 Moon is the analog, White 2 Wind is the Guide Power
Yellow 2 Sun is the antipode and Blue 12 Monkey is the Hidden Wisdom.

The energy is gearing up and improving but the real challenge now for the humans is to keep our bodies and emotions level as we very slowly move from carbon based entities to crystal-based entities.

We already have nanocrystals and nanomagnets in our bodies. Those will just increase and the viruses aid the evolution of our micro biome helps with that.

We’re not supposed to avoid viruses and bacteria to the extent that sick-care propaganda teaches. Everyone is mis-programmed on that. It may take awhile for the facts to settle in. I’m proud of the Doctors who have said from the beginning that humans have a unified, shared immune system. We do, all over the planet, which includes our DNA. We’re not supposed to be separated from one another and they said that early on. MANY said that early on. In addition there are a few medicines that get rid of it. The MSM refuses to accept that because Trump got better using them. They can’t have that! So more people will die refusing to use the medicines because of ego. This one is really going to go down in history.

We are still in the Z.O.T., the Zone of Transformation in the Tzolkin but today we move to a G.A.P. kin, Galactic Activation Portal.; White 2 Dog. The GAP’s are in the center of the double helix and function as the ladders between the sugar ribosome enclosure that spiral around the ladder. Red Moon is Methionine, the start codon and White Dog is Aspartic Acid. The I Ching Hx is “Biting through/Reform”

We are moving through the next tRNA sequence being encoded by the mRNA. That’s what the 13-day wavespell is.

The 5GForce for Red 1 Moon is Blue 13 Monkey; Cosmic playfulness and creativity

The 5GForce for White 2 Dog is White 12 Dog. This was a great day to commune with a favorite group in loving good times.

Have a great weekend.

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