Friday Reading; Yellow 13 Cosmic Star-End of the Wavespell

The amino acids from those stars that make up our DNA today are; Leucine, Asparagine, Glutamic Acid, Tyrosine, and Glutamine. The attributes are beauty, harmony, art, and elegance. This kin is busy, clever, hopeful, nervous and playful.

It’s not too difficult to find beauty all around us in nature right now. The view out my Michigan window as I write is magnificent. We’re having a stunning fall color season up here and people are in a more chipper mood despite the descending darkness that takes us up to Winter Solstice; December 21, 2020.

My back yard in MI

We end the Yellow Warrior Wavespell today with Yellow 13 Cosmic Star whose analog is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey. The magnetic intelligence that started this 13-day cycle has fulfilled itself in ART, beauty, harmony and the elegance of Venus. I know not very many of us are thinking about those things right now but beauty and art are vital to counter the uglier realities of what has gone on on this planet. It’s gotten pretty raw lately so I encourage you to minimize Facebook and Twitter and do things around the house that improve your quality of life, make good food, take care of your body and your teeth, make sure your house is clean and bright and smells good. Simple things like that can really help you feel empowered. We are guided by Yellow 13 Human which is cosmic FREE WILL. Exerting that in your own life is the key to empowerment.

The antipode is White 13 Mirror. Who wants to sit and stare at their belly-button when it’s so beautiful outside? That’s a challenge. But right now, with all the changes to the earth, to our bodies, to our society I think we need to keep meditating at least for an hour a day because the energies are so intense and shifting! I can hardly keep up and my Reiki sessions and phone calls are through the roof. Lightworkers are in demand.

On the other side of that is extreme offloading, negativity, fear, and name-calling on Facebook. I’ve deleted everything but my personal wall. It would beautify my world I think to be completely done. Are you? I was being so censored and criticized for sticking with freedom and empowerment, speaking truth to power and refusing to accept lies. So be it. I think it’s important to share correct information from qualified people, not the media and corrupt science. There are people working in the lab as we speak and healthcare workers that know what is really going on.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 1 Magnetic Skywalker and that is magnetic exploration of space or the holographically projected world around us. It’s an illusion but it can be a fun one and I love exploring the earth and what my body can do. It’s a good time to start a work-out regimen and again, that is so empowering.

The 5GForce is Yellow 1 Human. How can we become magnetic humans? Take care of ourselves, find a bff who we have in affinity and have each other’s backs. Be careful with these awful mandates to isolate and distance from other humans. Don’t take it too far. There is no avoiding this virus nor should you. It has a 99.6% survival rate and you need the novel antibodies. If you watch the media scare tactics they will program your mind and then you’ll manifest it in physical. That’s how that works. Just turn it off.

Sit in beauty and love and avoid toxic people, situations, and social media. Have a great weekend. Make something beautiful to match your beautiful self.

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