Thursday Reading; Blue 12 Crystal Hand

Emotions, good and bad, are absorbed directly into all of your cells. There is no avoiding it. You have to take action and focus your mind in meditation and release it. Pivot your mind to the opposite emotion. Just do it.

Blue 12 Crystal Hand gives us notice that It’s time to plan for the holistic future; cooperative, dedicated, universal healthcare, not our modern sick-care system where the assumption is that humans are weak, ignorant, and will not take care of themselves. Why would we want to make that universal? There is huge profit for nefarious parties to program the human population to follow that narrative; especially in vaccination.

Blue Hand is about knowing, healing, and accomplishment. It is generous and peaceful, an opener of gateways, comprehends the situation, cooperates, and is skillful. The analog is Yellow 12 Human and that is who Blue Hand kin are dedicated to; humans and the earth. The purpose of that dedication is to universalize healing from a pretty tragic past. We’re guided by Blue 12 Storm or cooperative self-generation, the sovereign self with other sovereign selves sharing.

The antipode is Red 12 Crystal Earth who needs to fly free and evolve using synchronicity to navigate. This kin doesn’t sit still too well and governs the earth force so the energy is always moving.

The hidden wisdom is White 2 Wizard; stabilizing receptiveness and timelessness. Whatever we get bent out of shape about is an illusion anyway. If you can pivot back into your own vortex where you know how to make yourself happy you’ll waste less time on the planet. We have no control over others or outside events and that seems to be the hardest thing for the groupthink to accept. Yet it is the truth. Universal law. Whoever you hurt to try to control a situation boomerangs back onto you x 10.

The 5GForce is Red 2 Skywalker or Stabilizing exploration and wakefulness. That pulses nicely off of the Occult hidden wisdom.

I have entire books written and lab stats on this. It’s not an idea; it’s fact but the sick-care industry won’t build their practice around it; holistic practitioners do though.

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