Wednesday Reading; White 11 Spectral Worldbridger

Mind-Body-Spirit sometimes requires re-organizing in order to equalize.

Spectroscopy in chemistry and physics is a method of analyzing the properties of matter from their electromagnetic interactions. Spectral estimation, in statistics and signal processing is an algorithm that estimates the strength of different frequency components (the power spectrum) of a time-domain signal.

Today’s tone 11 is not simple. We are in 11:11 ascension coordinate as a planet right now as well and we can see what it is doing to life on the planet in 2020. This is not fun stuff for most people. There is almost too much change, too much death, too many questions and too much departure from normal. We’re all getting sick of the 11:11 energy.

That said, what the world was doing before wasn’t acceptable either. Human trafficking, blood cults, abuse of children, pedophilia and incest aren’t acceptable. Neither is suppression of key technology held underground for profit for a handful of corporations while the humans on the surface suffer. All of the issues that Dems have railed on for 50 years could be remedied in a week if the administration would release what’s been left here for us. The very rich corporations and the Democrats are making that difficult for POTUS and very dangerous because they have to have their adrenochrome to stay alive. Their soul, in the center of the circle above has been sold to death.

All of this chaos is spectral energy. Included in that is death on the material plane for some reason. I guess it’s nature. It falls on a spectrum of danger, power for change, power for equalization and truth. That spectrum is like a ghost though. It hasn’t manifested yet completely. All the information is there but no one sees it except the highest echelon folks; the elite. Since when have the elite ever really cared about the working class? So we’re never sure who to trust; especially now.

We have to rely on our intuition. Why would any military volunteer, volunteer for chaos? Adventure, new horizons, opportunity, love of country, travelling the universe, time travel, being privy to secrets. They get all of that, especially the Air Force and Space Force. All you have to do is listen to their whistleblower testimony to know it’s true. Humans have pretty good radar when it comes to knowing who is telling the truth. These men and women in the military aren’t afraid of chaos or a fight if it comes to that. They like it! I don’t. I’m a calm, peaceful healer so I’m in no way a military fighter. But some of us in our own way, are warriors for the Light. I will never hesitate to speak truth to power of defend myself when personally attacked with incorrect information which is pretty common these days. That is the crux of LIBERATION. The truth and correct information are extremely liberating.

The support today is Red 11 Skywalker. Think of Luke fighting the Sith with his light saber.

The Guide Power is itself doubled. Sovereignty with little support.

The antipode is Yellow 11 Warrior. That’s perfect for this conversation. It would be a gift to have a warrior beside you who is fearless and intelligent, trustworthy, realistic, wise, high standards but it would be challenging if you were not those things yourself. You would find yourself jealous and competing.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 3 Electric Eagle. Sharpen those eyes. You have electric vision or some type of vision aid to help you in the fight.

The 5GForce is White 3 Wizard; receptive Merlin energy, your inner shaman plugged in.

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