Tuesday; Red 10 Planetary Serpent

We enter a new harmonic with a new I Ching Hx 12; Standstill/Stagnation on a 3D level. The manifestations of the higher dimensions are manifesting more quickly however so there is movement. We’re in the process of perfecting our bodies, at least those of us who intend to stay on the planet.

The pathway to upgrading the body is through the pineal gland which is opened and calibrated by Covid19. People that are avoiding the upgrade and haven’t gotten the virus yet are likely wanting to leave the planet, which is fine. If you’re going to stay here, you have to get it and let it change you. It’s ironic to me that people who are running from it and afraid of it think that is saving them. It’s the opposite. It’s not going away, just all viruses and will keep mutating until it can cover everyone. Obviously many people are afraid of their body and mind changing and thus we have our current “survival” drama going on.

We perfect in order to survive with the theme Red 10 Serpent by producing instinct or intuition coupled with our rational mind. I’ve been blogging on that issue for about 3 years now and you can find the articles on here if you’re interested. Just go to the blog posts tab and scroll down.

This is a planet of manifestation so the upgrade does have to include the body. Guiding that process is Red 10 Skywalker; accomplishment, exploration, and space joined to earth and the body. I’m beginning a serious workout regimen with a professional trainer today, so the synchronicity is exact for me.

The analog is White 10 Wizard which understands that in order to manifest on the planet you have to be very receptive, cooperative, intelligent and heart knowing. Mind-Body-Spirit is ONE and comes through the HEART. The Mind IS the body and spirit. The Body IS the mind and spirit. The Spirit IS the body and mind. That last one trips people up. Spirituality IS PHYSICAL.

The antipode is Blue 10 Eagle or perfecting and manifesting our vision. It is independent. It doesn’t rely on others opinions about our lives, at all, and should now. Ignore nosy people who refuse to do their own work on themselves. We see through our own eyes. When there is affinity, then vision is shared.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Warrior or Self-Existing discipline from Saturn. We’re measuring the details of our FORM and realize that in this world, molding our form changes our status whether we like it or not.

The 5GForce is Blue 4 Eagle so there is the Self-Existing vision we have for our own lives as well, out ahead, pre-paving the situation. We can set our intentions and the Universe responds. The Universe helps those who help themselves because GOD IS IN US.

Have a great Tuesday!

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