Sag Moon squaring Neptune brings OFFLOAD From Fearful People

You may want to commit this image to memory. Ne’er the twain shall meet; especially now unless you’re very co-dependent.

Today is Red 10 Serpent so Neptune is the mediating planet all day. This is challenged by the Sag moon ruled by expansive, forward looking Jupiter. In addition, Jupiter is the mediating for Blue Eagle tribe, the antipode.

We have potential for missteps and competition or jealousy here from others if we are sovereign over ourselves and they are not. This is the crux of haters who believe sovereign individuals are selfish. It’s the opposite. If you are not sovereign over your own mind and body you will have to act selfishly and others will need to agree with you because their energy, the GROUPTHINK, is all you’ve got. You don’t have your own.

We’re still in wheat separating from chaff stage on the planet and those who stay on the unenlightened masked up delusion and sit in panic about the body are going to offload on those doing well, confident and happy unmasked. That is just hot coals on the head of those still in addiction, regret and ignorance about the body and freedom. Cut them off. There is no more teaching those who are asleep. They likely will not remain on the planet because they refuse to see with clear vision.

Those who are good and helping will be hated. Those who are bad are being protected by their kind who will then do them in in the end. It’s important to find your strong tribe now who love themselves, have their own back and will thus have yours in a pinch.

I’m speaking about planetary survival which is an attribute of Red 10 Serpent. Neptune squaring Sag creates this dynamic to correct the alignments.

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