Sunday Reading; Blue 8 Galactic Night

Actual picture from the Cassini probe. Not CGI.

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Saturn is the mediating planet. The Sun forms a square with Saturn this morning, which can have a restrictive effect. We may face obstacles to our goals, but through them, we can more clearly see the tools with which we have to overcome them. We need to consider the reality or practical side of a situation and assume more responsibility now.

Attributes of the theme Blue Night are dreaming, abundance, intuition, unconscious dream state, mysterious and logical depth supported ny the analog Yellow 8 Warrior, intelligence and organization. All of this while we sleep through the night. This is not a restful sleep and we’re under a New Moon and heavy Schumann’s Resonance with the earth. I actually think humans are being extraordinarily patient with this restriction and fear drama. This virus isn’t as bad as most flus.

At dawn we are in the Guide power Blue 9 Galactic hand which is healing for mind, body, and Spirit from the cosmos, if only we’d receive it. Earth mediates and natural healing needs to come forward.

Noon to dusk we have very energizing Red 8 Skywalker as the antipode, the challenge and the gift. It sounds like a good workout to me. Glutamine and Mars are moving here and that speaks to THE MUSCLES.

The muscles and blood are the God of the body. That would be why sick-care medical ignores the flesh. Get both moving and aligned and those superpower chemicals in your blood will boost your immune system and your mood. It’s no mistake that THE HEART is a galactic muscle that is the battery that links you to Source. Love and activity make that strong. Once our healthcare focus tells people they have to move their muscles and thus their blood, everything will change, in addition to getting rid of adhesions and scar tissue caused by injury.

As the day advances, we head toward a Mars-Jupiter square, and we tend to overdo or jump into action too hastily. We’re easily riled up, enthusiastic, or excited under this influence. We can be excited about our prospects, but perhaps too hasty, counting our chickens before they hatch, putting money into a venture that needs further review, or overestimating what we (or the world) can do. A feeling of urgency may lead to coming on stronger than we intend. However, if we use common sense, we might stretch our imaginations and entertain new possibilities.

The hidden Wisdom is White 6 Rhythmic Mirror. Here is Neptune. On the other hand, Venus opposes Neptune around the same time, and we can feel a little exasperated, or we can be distracted. We may be wrestling with expectations and perceptions. If we’ve been indiscriminate with money, pleasures, and relationships, problems can emerge now.

The amino acids evolving are alanine, histidine, isoleucine, glutamine and tyrosine.

The Time Portal for Blue Night is at Google Earth. 30 degrees south–120 degrees east in SW Australia by Lake Moore,119.89333421,421.2412505a,19585.39483287d,35y,-174.49117605h,40.72422352t,0r/data=CigiJgokCd3NiFvFJ0ZAEYsm2eELqSBAGft_UKrhr0xAIUAUJozFhFjA

The 5GForce is Red 6 Rhythmic Earth or Synchronous Navigation.

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