Analysis of the G.A.P. Kin Table (portion from my book that I just wrote.)

G.A.P. is the acronym for Galactic Activation Portal. They are the center green squares on the Tzolkin Harmonic seen usually in 2D. In 3D they spiral as the DNA double helix and I’m analyzing the patterns from both vantage points in my mind. The definition of G.A.P is the gateway to galactic consciousness; 52 galactic gateways in thirteen sets of paired occult kin called quartets; the sum of the tones of the thirteen quartets is 364, or thirteen moons; as the pattern on the Harmonic index it is known as the “the loom of the 13 moons”. As you can see, it all points to the power of the female in the Tzolkin and on the planet. We are in the throes of balancing female and male power as we speak.

When I speak of the amino acid nucleotides they are the 3-base letter amino acids that govern each Tzolkin Harmonic per the I Ching.

Analysis of the G.A.P. Kin Table

(The table is not included here as it’s too technical)

The consistent movement of each molecule is in an “X” pattern or inverted opposite perpendicular 2D angles. In 3D it is radial. The nucleotides pulse off of one another exactly perpendicular within one harmonic and it does not vary in pattern. Therefore, it could be conjectured that the pulse points on the molecule are anchor points, possibly the sugar ribosome backbone on the DNA molecule, that in the Tzolkin system, are Occult.

An occult relationship in the Tzolkin adds up to 14 as far as the creative tone that precedes the amino acid. It fits in the bottom hidden wisdom position or the tRNA attachment site on the tRNA molecule. In the Tzolkin, this position pulses EXACTLY to the formation of the subconscious mind by the MOTHER so again, it could be surmised that it is at this juncture on the tRNA cell that the mothers’ RNA attaches to the ovum, or the child’s DNA.

I’m not a biologist to know the exact action of the cells during conception. I DO know that the occult number in the Tzolkin is 14 and it pulses exactly to the Mother’s influence on the child all the way through the destiny patterns and in synchronicity with the child’s relationships throughout its life, as far as I’ve observed for 30 years in noting synchronicity of individuals.

This key pattern and relationship with the mother via the tRNA CANNOT be abridged even in lieu of adoption or death. It’s a homing beacon, a GPS if you will between mother and child. It is indeed the most powerful of connections from other dimensions to the manifestation of a human on the earth plane.

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