List of Full Disclosure Advocates for You to Read and Research so You Know What’s Really Going On.

As far as I can surmise, politically we fall centrist to near right and near left but the focus is NOT on political party as much as it is on the support of our military in clearing up huge human trafficking crime internationally. If the support of our U.S. military is not on your radar then you must not understand the gravity of the danger. You think you’re safe and the world is mostly a nice place. I wouldn’t know how to respond to that.

We live in a inhabited universe with 40 billion earth-like planets all with water and people different than us on them. That’s a known fact from our military and NASA. The media will not tell you. It’s supposed to be a big secret because you can’t take it emotionally or psychologically as far as they are concerned. Also the Deep State Main Stream media has nothing to WIN by letting the public know that we have support from our ancient ancestors. We do.

U.S. Space Force Insignia, newly formed by the U.S. Administration.

People who support Full Disclosure are actively working for PEACE in our local system between humans and disparate E.T. groups. Trump is as well and he organized U.S. Space Force to that end.

You are programmed in our main stream media by the 330 filthy rich corporate BIG TECH and AEROSPACE industry companies who own and run main stream media because they have a monopoly in the ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate which has it’s headquarters on our Moon. They are the proponents of A.I. (artificial intelligence) and what Jose called The Technosphere. It’s completely unfriendly to humans and the earth and seeks to use us. They are all about human slavery, using people, lying to people, disempowering people and human trafficking internationally of children, women, and men, blood lust on earth and in our local system. They are a SCOURGE and have been at it for centuries. Their time is up.

To that end, the list of Full Disclosure advocates, military whistleblowers and insiders are listed below. If you don’t where to fall in your politics, look up these people who have been given intel and support from the Administration, Air Force, and Special Forces to clean this up for about ten years now. Quite a few have died in the process.

  1. Corey Goode-20 and back survivor. Top of the heap receiving intel and an Intuitive Empath. He works with the SSP, Secret Space Alliance, the Anshar, the Maya, The Earth Alliance, The President
  2. David Wilcock-NY Times best-selling author and Corey’s bff
  3. Sacha Stone
  4. Laura Eisenhower-granddaughter of President Eisenhower
  5. Dr. Michael Salla-Exonews
  6. Gerold O’Donnell
  7. Sandra Walter
  8. Justin Deschamps
  9. Mike Waskosky
  10. Matthew Mournian
  11. Elizabeth Wilcock
  12. Clifford Mahooty-Zuni Native American
  13. Rene Armenta
  14. Eric Raines
  15. Roger Richards
  16. John Desouza-ex FBI
  17. Robert David Steele-ex CIA
  18. Bill Birney
  19. Jordan Sather
  20. Simon Esler
  21. Leon Isaac Kennedy

*Start at minute 1:35* This is about 1 year old.

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