Friday Daily Reading; Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon

Theme is Red 6 Dragon, Analog is White 6 Mirror, Guide Power is Itself, Antipode is Blue 6 Monkey and Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 8 Sun.

We are in a new Harmonic today in the North Polar Zone of the planet Holon. On the human holon it corresponds to the sinus, sense of smell, and the left hip. The IChing calls the Hexagram “Following”. Blue 8 Storm is the 5GForce today and it has been very stormy in Michigan.

Remember the Tzolkin is working every cell in our bodies and today, amino acid cysteine especially. Our bodies are a sponge and time itself is changing through us so everything is always moving.

Tone 6 is balancing, equality and organized. It’s a good day for weighing options and the NEW MOON is in LIBRA as well, the sign of balancing. But the new moon makes us restless in a different way than the Full Moon. The new moon is beginnings and is nervous about new situations that we know we need. Full Moon is endings and there can be a sense of loss or wishing it wasn’t over kind of thing. It’s amazing all the cycles we go through in our lifetime and we’re NOT ALONE! The EARTH goes through massive changes too. Look at what’s happening right now. The earth feels everything we feel and vice versa. We’re going through it together. She is our Mother which is in synchronicity with Red Dragon.

Red Dragon speaks to our most ancient ancestor, The Dragon Family who started life on this planet as a keeper of the genetic line. Supposedly they are in China. I don’t know the whole story yet but the E.T. Draco are from the Dragon family. The Draco are a bad E.T. but not all Dragon kin are. Again, big long story I’m not privy to except by intuition. Our souls come from God but our bodies are evolutionary and genetically engineered from the beginning. I believe the Red Serpent tribe, also in the cardinal family are decendents of the Red Dragon Tribe. They ended up on Maldek and Mars, their moon.

The attributes are Nurture, Being, and Birth. Dragon is energetic, powerful, protective, sensitive, private, initiating, primordial mother, blood memory, creative energy, and supportive. That all sounds great to me unless she is in shadow. Then we get into “Mommy Dearest” kin of thing, Dragon Lady. I don’t judge people in shadow but I don’t want to be around them. Those are two different things.

The Time Portal is located at 30 degrees north–30 degrees east in Cairo, Egypt. AH!!! There we have the Pleiadean connection seeding Africa; Egypt being in Africa. The African culture is Pleiadean! Somehow that migrated over the China or the Chinese culture way back migrated to Africa. I believe the Masonic rituals that are Illuminati are Pleiadean. This is ancient stuff and our modern society has very different mores and values now but some of the unseemly stuff going on right now hails back to all of that. There were sex cults and rituals that were around way before 7B.C. which was the time Christ was born. We’re only 2027 years beyond that.

J.C. was not Pleiadean. J.C. came straight from Galactic Center and is not an ascended Master but THE Son of God, descended to our realm straight from there, one with the Mother and Father Spirit already. He is the master of our local universe and the creator of our souls. I’m just going to leave that right there as far as my position on this page. I don’t cooperate with any other E.T. Group, government party, or Local System Alliance; just him. I’m not a perfect ally of his yet but he can count on my love and loyalty. I have had my own karma with the different tribes and it’s easy lose focus. But we all need to be of ONE HEART and practice what he taught. That is the ONLY compliance that is asked for and needed. I don’t obey humans and I suggest that if you really want to be a lightworker you let that go. It will take you down the wrong road. Humans are not God and are FAR more controlling, as we know. It’s a free will universe but you wouldn’t know that by how things proceed in the human realm.

All the persons in the universe, E.T., and different alliances all have to answer to our Creator and all need that Love for their own souls. According to Corey Goode, it’s a problem right now as some E.T. groups are not evolving well and need help. The truth be told, humans evolved exceptionally well; it’s just that we’re VERY early on in the process. We’re only 1 million years old according the the Urantia book on an 8 billion year old planet. Honestly, almost all of the plants, animals and insects were here before we got here. So, they are due great respect and we need to live in harmony with them. It’s their home planet and the Dragon tribe and the Draco feel the same way about earth. In fact, apparently, the Raptors are the ones in charge here. The humans are not ultimately, but we’re being groomed to run our own Timeship here. They are underground and care about humans very much and help us. They descended from the Dragon tribe.

These are all Dragon Tribe archetypes. Annie Lennox is a Red Dragon kin.

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