The Process of Definition-TONE 4-Self-Existing

We all define things or put them in boxes mentally to be organized. In the process of definition we all have to make assumptions based on many different factors for efficiency because we never have all the facts. And aren’t facts always moving because people and situations change? It’s a crazy thing on this planet.

We all want to sound like we know the truth but the truth keeps shifting as well as the spin around it in the media. I’m referring to our personal lives though; our mind and body. We can control that. THE ONE THING we can control is our own mind and body yet everyone spins in the subjective ocean of social media and politics, listening to and reacting to what everyone else is saying. That’s just trouble because none of it is grounded. It is like today’s archetype; a storm.

To pivot things we have NATURAL FACTS that don’t morph much. They are a mountain. One mountain is The Tzolkin. It’s been around for at least 26, 000 years, maybe more, organizing our DNA, our bodies, our birth family incarnation and our relationships for our education. Family members usually incarnate into the same 4-day harmonic. That is astonishing yes? Someone needs to take note.

Theme is Blue 4 Storm, analog is Yellow 4 Sun, Guide Power is Blue 4 Eagle, Antipode is Red 4 Moon, and Hidden Wisdom is White 10 Wind. The 5GForce is Red 10 Dragon.

Today is Blue 4 Self-Existing Storm. We can define ourselves in order to catalyze, measuring energy we seal the matrix of SELF-GENERATION with the self-existing tone of form.

I’m actually doing exactly that in the next two days. I’ve hired a personal coach to bring my body to it’s highest fitness and health level given I want to live to 104 healthfully. Plus I may be more public in the near future when I begin marketing my new book. Aging is not a reality for me, it’s a choice and I don’t choose it. So I have to clean up this FORM that is my body and get the muscles working top notch. My coach tells me, “working out the typical way is actually quite unnatural to the body so I’ve changed it up.” This fellow is in demand because of his technique. There is nothing crazy in the workout and it’s mostly aerobic. I can’t wait to start self-generating my form.

What guides the process of defining our form? A vision. That shows up in the themeplex as Blue 4 Eagle. I know what my CORE body is. Most of us saw it when we were 17. LOL. I’m now 57 but I can remember how my body felt when I was 17 and I have a picture. It was very vital and small. Now, with three marriages, three pregnancies (one child delivered), and several jobs where the men and bosses were hitting on me, under the bridge, I have memories stored in my body of mostly stress and layering from that. Gee, no kidding. Men and children wear women down and we become defensive without realizing it. But women have an inner vitality and a firey spirit that allows us to bounce back if we get moving and have a passion for our work. I do have that plus firm new boundaries that are comfortable for me.

The location of the Blue Storm Time Portal is 60 degrees south–75 degrees east South of Kerquelan Islands of the coast of S. Africa. The link is below.

The Amino Acids spinning today are Tryptophan, Stop Codon, Arginine, Methionine and Glycine.

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