Stabilizing Synchronicity. How Do You Navigate Through Life?


This is Roger Federer’s birth gateway. Tone 2 is pretty synchronous with a tennis player don’t you think?

Tone 2 is polarizing and stabilizing. It’s challenging and dualistic. We learn by trying to walk a tightrope between competing forces.

The attributes of this archetype are; evolving, synchronicity and navigation, earth keeper, crystal healer, liberal and confident.

White 2 Wind is the analog; Communication, Spirit breath, and inspiration, very mental, romantic.

Red 2 Moon is the Guide Power which illuminates the Theme. How do you evolve? By knowing how you feel, letting it be a road sign and then letting it go. It points you in a direction but it isn’t necessarily “the way”.

Blue 2 Hand is the antipode; polarizing accomplishment and healing. When one door opens another door closes kind of thing. You need to roll with it and keep setting your intentions.


The mediating planet is Uranus which rules Aquarius

The 5GForce is Blue 12 Crystal Night. This is group therapy, maybe journalling, going to a late concert, poetry bash things like that.

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