Sunday Daily Reading; Yellow 1 Warrior

Theme is Yellow Warrior, analog support is Blue 1 Night, Guide Power is Yellow 1 Warrior, Antipode is White 1 Worldbridger and Hidden Wisdom is Red 13 Serpent

We begin a new wavespell or 13-day cycle today whose affects can be felt as a fearlessness, desire for intelligence and questioning what is true and what is a lie. There is plenty of confusion afoot.

Tomorrow I am deleting my FB Group Time Science and Art, My FB business page Deep Tissue Therapy and Reiki is already gone and my Intuition Up page will be gone. Facebook restricted my Business page illegally and questioned the integrity of my posts. They are 100% incorrect and lacking integrity, of course. The world is beginning to see it and I hope they are closed down soon. This is all in synchronicity with Yellow Warrior. I have felt as if I was in Warrior mode all day.

The mediating planet today is Saturn

The 5GForce is Red 13 Serpent. Note that it was the antipode yesterday.

The analog is Blue 1 Night; Magnetic Intuition and chanelling.

The Guide Power is itself.

The Antipode is White 1 Worldbridger. Yesterday it was the Hidden Wisdom. What does the swapping of those two positions mean? It’s time to close the file on the Maldek debacle which resulted in so much death and destruction.

ALL BEINGS, ALL SPECIES universe wide are loved and cared for in their uniqueness and diversity. ALL HEARTS must unify in the Heart of Love, of our Creator, of the Christ Consciousness. Every species is different in their evolution and ability to coordinate the heart chakra and balance it with the rest of the body. It is not automatic and it’s no easy task. We must be patient with one another in the process of balancing the heart.

But our DNA is all practically the same. I have the proof. In order to have a peaceful local universe, we need to start to coordinate our DNA which will alter TIME! That’s what my work is about. THE PAST regarding the Maldek debacle and other Universe mistakes can heal when we UNIFY our minds around the fact that our DNA is almost identical universe wide. It’s The Tzolkin. When our hearts beat as one, TIME will unify. I’ve been receiving directives and downloads all day on this. The mistakes of the past the have caused so much pain and conflict can end when we realize FACTS of sameness. Then unique expressions culturally will be no big deal and just add color to all of our lives. No conflict! We are a universal family. That is much more true than the subconscious birth family of the planet we hail from.

I contacted Corey Goode yesterday about using his information about DNA in his video, in my new book, “DNA is Time” and he e-mailed me back pretty quickly, wants to know more and wants to be in touch. That is huge and I will fill you in on what I can as we move forward. He has to guard much of his information. Please watch the videos I post of Corey’s interviews. Sometimes they are hard to understand but resonate with me 100%. I feel like he’s a brother.

I’m putting this up again. Start at 15:45. Corey has not read any of my work and we’ve never met but he’s aware of me and it. I told him about my interpretation of what he said here and he liked it on Twitter and it’s been retweeted a lot. Corey describes exactly what I’m finding mathematically in the Tzolkin, for the last 5 years. He’s right on about everything he points out and what is included in the Dreamspell. I don’t believe he knows of the Dreamspell either so it’s quite a synchronicity.

We are on the same beam big time. Corey is THE TOP trusted direct INTEL recipient from the military generals who work with the Administration. He’s been in the military and also Secret Space Force which is an elite group. He’s spent a lot of time off-world and frankly, I’m not afraid to either, at all. Plus he is a highly valued Intuitive Empath (I.E.) I am an I.E. as well but there is no way I would come to this planet and answer any human or E.T. whatsoever. I only answer to Christ and God IN ME via my higher rational mind or intuition. I’m here to help humanity get through this though. I don’t take orders.

Please watch this. I’m happy to answer any questions.

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