Dark is Equal to the Light

It’s Autumn!

At the end of this, they say, “Celebrate your shadows.” We may define shadow differently. A shadows source is the light before it and then it casts a shadow. The dark exists in its own unique state, not in reaction to the light.

People say dark is just the absence of light. No. You could say light is just the absence of the dark! yet I have never heard anyone say that. They think the light is superior and good, not EQUAL to the dark. That is incorrect. All life has its Source in the dark, the dark of the female womb, the dark od the soil. All life starts with the female.

I will honor my darkness as GOOD in that it is the feminine power of fertility, evolutionary DNA in the egg as a seed in the dark soil, the dark red of the blood in THE FLESH that women have known since the dawn of time and that now needs to be honored and replenished on the Earth. The dark of the womb is a GARDEN of LIFE only to be fertilized by men, never to be possessed. Woman possesses HERSELF and then loves her mate and children with all she wants to give. She is never their slave.

In this realization by all women worldwide we can make sure the men know who we are and that we must be known, loved, and protected. We…will…not…objectify ourselves and they will not objectify us and we will not objectify men!!!. Hold your power in balance.

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