Histidine, the pre-cursor to Histamine

Yellow 7 Warrior is the theme, Blue 7 Night is the analog, Yellow 7 Star is the Guide Power, White 7 World Bridger is the antipode and Red 7 Serpent is the Hidden Wisdom

Today we are calibrating the amino acid Histidine in the body which is represented by Yellow 7 Warrior in the Tzolkin Code. It is the precursor to histamine production in the body. For instance, many people have an “allergic” reaction to plants and animals because their immune system is low functioning. It’s not because the plants and animals are bad and need to be eradicated from the planet. Each person needs to take action to shore up their own immune system, not kill viruses, bacteria, plants, and animals. Then they are prescribed or buy an “anti-histamine” that lowers the amount of histamine in the blood. Be careful though because the anti-histamines can take too much needed histamine out of the body and then the body frantically creates more histamine because the balance is off. You don’t have enough!

This just happened to me. When I woke up this morning and saw resonant histidine as impacting the day it was a major synchronicity. Tone 7 is Resonant means balance. The balance of histidine is super important in the body and mine was thrown off by taking too much Yakritron anti-histamine recommended to me by a Naturopathic Doctor. She wanted me to take a high dose to get rid of chronic sinus blockage at night. It achieved that and then threw another part of my body way off because it needed more histamine naturally. I wanted to cut the dose in half because my intuition said it was too much. I was right. I read my own body just fine and knew best.

What we actually see here IN THE BODY is resonant histidine supported by resonant Alanine guided by resonant leucine, challenged by resonant threonine and given new body wisdom by resonant serine. This is physical. The Tzolkin is PHYSICAL because it’s illuminates how our DNA is to be exactly calibrated by our RNA evolving.

When I looked at the themeplex, there was histidine in the middle, my antipode as the analog (dreaming and intuition), my Hidden Wisdom as the Guide Power!, my analog as the antipode meaning for me, change and surrender to my intuition has supported me but today it’s challenging the vibe. In short, when you’re suffering with something “off” in your body, use your own intuition and see a therapist that SUPPORTS you and helps you tune into your intuition instead of telling you what they think is best. It’s your body! You can feel what’s best. This is unheard of in our healthcare system yet I believe it’s the future. The first thing to ask is, “Does this therapist follow their own intuition about their body and are they healing their self?” Meaning, are they tuned in to their inner Healer? A therapist is supposed to a good example and teacher, not a parent or a boss.

A low functioning immune system is epidemic because of all of the toxic food, pollution, vaccines and big pharma foisted on us by the elite because to them we’re lab rats. Our bodies calibrate a balanced alignment naturally with the earth. When we don’t interfere with that powerful process we do not have a lot of inflammation. Histidine and then histamine are key biological chemicals in that process. Ultimately, the Tzolkin Code will inform our current genetic dogma and be the foundation for a new health care system, or shall I say, an actual health care system instead of a sick care system that profits from making the host sick in order to sell more medicine or at worst, cull the population of what the elite consider “un-desirable”.

“It’s never the germ; always the host.” In fact our bodies are ONE GOOD, BIG GERM but we are absolutely programmed to believe the opposite. We’re told we’re supposed to kill viruses and germs to be health. That programming says, “You need to kill yourself and the earth to be happy and healthy,” and indeed, look around, that’s what many people are doing! Our virome-biome is what we are and is natural to the Earth, and everything advertised, all the propaganda, and all the medicine seek to kill our virome-biome that finds balance on it’s own between 98% of all the GOOD virus and bacteria and the 2% that is toxic.

Be careful being compliant and obedient whether it be to your mother, your family, your spouse, your doctor or your boss. The fact is, no one knows better than you do, what is best FOR YOU! Once you realize that you are an adult who uses their intuition and has a humming connection to Source, your true loving parent beyond Time.

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