Tuesday Reading; White 1 Dog; Unified Love

The purpose of love is empowerment and creativity. I think most people thing the purpose of love is to not be alone, to be with others, to marry and procreate or to have sex. The magnetic tone one is infused with PURPOSE. Everyone and everything has a purpose on earth. Do you know your purpose?

Mine is to help humans relieve deep pain that comes from knotted up FLESH by using my hands. What I do is practically unheard of. The pain of the flesh is not addressed or understood from a medical perspective so I am in a super niche market.

Loving the flesh is not about sex, it’s about relieving pain so the patient can go about their work and business and have a good life. The purpose of the body is mostly work, not job slavery that you hate but work that you choose and are educated for, not sex.

Sex is fine but it can be just a distraction that makes you feel emotionally tied to someone that you don’t want to be emotionally tied to! People do that all the time. The analog for today is Red 1 Moon so that is magnetic feeling. It wanes. Feelings always change and never last.

The Guide Power is itself and the antipode is Yellow 1 Sun; magnetic enlightenment or spirituality. It’s difficult to focus when you’re magnetically loving and feeling with humans. They start to take up your time. But alas, the hidden wisdom is Blue 13 Monkey! Cosmic creativity, fun, and play can come of it so that you can transcend the illusion of drudgery on this planet. It’s a great relief to be entertained sometimes.

The 5GForce is White 2 Dog which is polarizing love. So there is the division, the polarity that begins to stabilize the DNA and on we go, up the spiral.

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