There is an Opportunity for Strong Spiritual Alignment Today

Red 13 Moon is the Theme, White 13 Dog is the Analog, Red 13 Skywalker is the Guide Power, Blue 13 Storm is the antipode and Yellow 1 Human is the Hidden Wisdom

There is some major molecular sequencing going on today starting with the Start Codon, Methionine, Red 13 Water which impacted our dream state until dawn. This morning until noon Red 13 Skywalker is guiding (my gateway). There is a type of stop codon mixing in at the antipode, Blue13 Storm this afternoon to give “a pause” to pick up the energy from humans waking up until it hits the Subconscious Hidden Wisdom of Yellow 1 magnetic Human tonight at dusk.

The Tzolkin alignments are merging perfectly with the solar system planetary holon today. It’s Red 13 Moon which is mediated by Mercury. Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini and the Sun is in Virgo.

The antipode is Blue 13 Storm which is mediated by Pluto. The Sun in Virgo trines Pluto today, and delving deeply into a matter can be satisfying and rewarding. With Red 13 Moon as the theme of the day and Red 13 Skywalker as the guide power, we have the most courage, integrity, and emotional insight into ourselves as possible. This is a time to be able to face the life storms WE HAVE CREATED and see that only we control our feelings and responses. No one is forcing us to run certain feelings. We can have an immediate visceral feeling that is the truth. But AFTER THAT RUNS, we can stop and decide how we would RATHER respond and feel and pivot. That’s the only way this crazy event is going to be over.

“We’re exceptionally resourceful and efficient under this influence. It’s a strong time for gravitating towards people and situations that help us succeed or advance our goals. Shared goals and interests connect us with others. The focus now is on eliminating harmful elements in our lives, particularly in the pursuit of work or health goals, so we can advance with more conviction.” ( Blue 13 Storm is all about that. It is the A.A. tryptophan.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 1 Magnetic Human, Glutamic Acid. When a person decides to focus their mind on who they want to be and asks Source, White 13 Dog, today’s analog, for help, their mind is literally changed. We are Children of the Universe and there is much sentient help out there to aid us with advancement and self control. We just have to ask and then be willing to apply ourselves to it.

This transit encourages cooperation, focus, and practical ability. The Moon spends the day in Leo, and we are honorable, creative, and loving.

Molecular Line-Up

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