Daily Reading; The Fifth Dimension from Implicate Order is Giving Us Choices Regarding How We Communicate

Please notice that the 5GForce are going in reverse from the way they are placed in HF33. This creates the radial nature of the DNA double helix

The Tzolkin line-up looks like this;

9/13-Sunday; Yellow 12 Star whose 5GForce is #132; Yellow 2 Human in HF33. The amino acid is Leucine and Glutamic Acid. This is a G.A.P. kin so it is pulling the rotation to the center. The mediating planet is Venus being impacted by 5th dimensional earth, polarizing and stabilizing humans. Which will they choose? Continue to be polarizing or stabilize into Yellow 12, crystal, communal art and harmony?

9/14-Monday; Red 13 Moon whose 5GForce is #133; Blue 1 Monkey in HF33.  The day is mediated by Mercury but is impacted from 5GForce Venus. The amino acid is Methionine, the start codon and asparigine. Meaning? Are humans going to choose to turn their cosmic awareness of passion and emotions into magnetic creativity and joy or…just act like a bunch of wild animals?

9/15-Tuesday; White 1 Dog whose 5GForce is #134; White 13 Dog in HF33. The day is mediated by Mercury and is impacted by 5GForce Mercury so this is a HUGE communication day. There will likely be something major happening. The shadow of White 1 Dog would be a big EGO character. White 13 Dog is the Christ Consciousness. This is the very center of the Tzolkin in 5D. Make no bias assumptions about who the character might be. The amino acid is Aspartic Acid

9/16-Wednesday; Blue 2 Monkey whose 5GForce is Red 12 Moon in HF33. The day is mediated by VENUS and impacted by 5GForce Mercury. It’s obvious there is a binary Venus-Mercury effect at play that will be setting the foundation for our communication systems. The amino acids are asparigine and Methionine, the start codon.

I’m going to dream on this tonight and see if more comes to me tomorrow.

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