We are on the Day Before the 4-day Power-up from Harmonic 33

Blue 11 Hand is the theme, Yellow 11 Human is the Support, Blue 11 Hand is the Guide Power, Red 11 Earth is the Challenge and White 3 Electric Wizard is the Hidden Wisdom.

“The problem is not the germ, it’s the host”-Naturopathic Teaching

Blue Hand is about HEALING. We acknowledge that our entire body and an animal’s entire body is made of a biome that is a VIROME that runs our immune system and helps us EVOLVE in STRENGTH as natural entities. We are full of natural viruses and bacteria that are beneficial to our well-being and in no way are we to burn that down just as we should not burn down the rain forest because there are a few poisonous snakes in there. OVERALL, our bodies and our VIROMES are SAFE, HEALTHY, and GOOD. If a rough one gets in there, as long as we are whole and healthy it will balance it out naturally and get rid of it. We can support our bodies with herbs, food, water, and meditation.

The answer is to become healthy ourselves, as hosts to all life and stop blaming the germs. A human being is FAR, FAR more sentient and powerful than food, germs, or plants. The power of the human mind and the immune system are the key to a good life. Nothing in our society should seek to undermine that. Anybody or anything that teaches you differently should be ignored…completely.

Today is Blue 11 Spectral Liberating Hand. Tone 11 dissolves the old, restrictive, incorrect, universe abridging vibes and pulls the cover off of B.S. to shine the truth on Life Itself as it is in Nature We need to know what is here for us as humans on the surface to make a better life for ourselves and our children. No compromise. We want 100% full Disclosure, 100% truth from governments around the world about what they are keeping from us that would be to our benefit.

We demand 100% freedom over our bodies and our minds to express and do what we need to do to be whole and happy. We are not asking permission. We’re telling you that is what we are going to do with the backing of the Universe. Every human, animal and all parts of the Earth deserve to be healed and whole. We all want to accomplish what we came to Earth to do and want to share that with our community unhindered. We know our time is limited and we are tired of dealing with lies and restrictions to our freedoms.

We love our bodies, each other, our children, and sex with someone we love. No government or doctor has the right to tell us how to love one another. While our laws restrict violence for good reason, they may not restrict other aspects of our private lives and no doctor or hospital may treat us like their prisoner under any conditions.

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