DNA and TIME are not Ending. They are changing and Evolving as they always have.

I guess we’ll see if we all disappear on Tuesday after we’re done integrating the new Light Codes. I agree and can feel that there are new light codes. They are simply up-leveling our DNA. Most definitely, our minds and bodies are being changed on the planetary level. Today is Red 10 Planetary Skywalker so we are now exploring and integrating this new mental energy.

This entire new HF 39 takes us up to Tuesday. This is governed by IChing Hx55; Abundance and Fullness. It’s all good but I’m not giving up my muscles, blood and flesh. I, and millions of others love our bodies and we’re simply improving them via our mind and choices.

10 Glutamine Mars

Some New Age folks are saying Time is ending. Time is ending as we know it but Time is not ending. That would mean the Sun would disappear and we’d all die. The rotation of the Earth around the Sun is what we call Time.

Time is more real than space actually. Space is an illusion based on what we perceive with our five senses. The truly manifested, literal world is multidimensional and can be comprehended with the natural twelve senses.

Time is MIND. It’s a mental perception that we’ve projected onto a wall clock. A wall clock means nothing and does nothing to time. Timelessness would be Mindlessness and I’m not going there. Mindlessness would be unconsciousness. Many believe that’s what happens at physical death but the only thing you become unconscious of is THIS dimension of illusory denseness and material grasping. I personally welcome that. You then wake up on another mental level that is awake.

Today’s attributes are Exploration, wakefulness, and space. Red Skywalker is accomplished, popular, pillar of heaven and earth, knowledgeable, time and space traveler, crusader, assumes challenges and is socially principled. If you feel any of that welling up in you know that the Tzolkonic vibes are hitting you.

The analog is White 10 Worldbridger or PLANETARY CHANGE AND DEATH. Take from that what you will. We all have to change but we don’t all have to die and we’re not supposed to.

The Guide Power is Red 10 Dragon or the manifestation, finally, of the Divine feminine in power balance with the male. He’s not going to get to upstage her anymore. They have to share power equally. That does not denigrate men and their spiritual journey. That means that women have to lead also. End of story. He no longer dominates her and she’s too busy to dominate him if she’s tuned in.

The antipode is Blue 10 Night or the perfection of INTUITION which is LOGICAL and powerful. Intuition is conservative. Study Blue Night for an education in what true intuition is. I believe intuition will be the foundation of the New Science.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star. Bringing FORM and harmony to art and beauty. This is pulsed upward by the 5GForce Blue 4 Hand or SELF-HEALING. Others can help us and aid in our alignment but any good therapist then gives you homework to work on at home. You have to heal yourself. No one can do if for you. It’s a good thing you have SOURCE in you and can heal yourself.

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